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Laugh(?) for the Day

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Hi All! In the spirit of trying to stay light-hearted and knowing that laughter is good medicine, I thought I would relate this little story to you. Hopefully, you will find it amusing and not one of those "well, you had to be there" kind of stories. It has just been 4 weeks (wow!!) since I had my mastectomy and just 4-1/2 weeks since I found out that I had breast cancer, so I am trying to look back and see what little humor there is in this situation. Anyway, 10 days after I had the mastectomy, we had our first consultation with the medical oncologist. As the nurse was doing her preliminary tasks (weight, blood pressure, etc.) she said to us, "You're here for a consultation about breast cancer?" My husband and I replied that we were. She then asked, "Which breast is it?" Well, my husband and I looked at each other, smiled, and asked "You mean, which breast WAS it?" The nurse looked at us like she couldn't believe what she had just heard!! I then said, "It is a "was" because it isn't there anymore!" Hopefully, this will brighten someone's day. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! You are all in my prayers. Blessings.....Wendy in Calif.

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You go girl! It is just that attitude that will make you the winner against the BC. Every time I stopped seeing the lighter side these last ten months I just reminded myself about others who had it worse. By the way....I am also a Wendy in California.

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you two "Wendy in California" 's are going to make life interesting around here...maybe you need to find another way of delineating yourselves, like a smaller space, or what is happening with you...anyhow we all love having you both
here, it will keep those of us with memory lapses on our toes to remember which one is on the line.
hugs cher

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That is good. How is the chemo coming along? Debw

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Wendy, Hi, Vinnie here. That was a funny. I was reading it to my husband and we were laughing. Its great to see you have a good attitude about all of this. That's the most important part. You certainly brightend my day. Your friend,

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Hey Wendy,
I know what you mean.
Every where I went after my bilateral masectomy, people would tell me to
use my "unaffected arm" ...as if there was an unaffected arm.
I decided that both arms were equally unaffected and did whatever had to be done with what strenghth i had at that point.

But people still ask the dumbest questions...especially medical personnel who should know better.

thanks for sharing. cher

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