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Low White Count...

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Hi, all! Mel here again. THis morning I felt so good...my the changes that can take place in a few hours. Went for my counts today and WBC's were at 2.1, so got a shot of Nuepogen? & will have 1 each day thru Sunday. Doc told me to go home & stay home from work tomorrow. Well, for those that have read my earlier messages, my boss was about as understanding as I expected. NOT! I know that I must pray for him but right now I have to concentrate on getting healthy. Tonight I had a good cry and it seemed to help. I feel so helpless. I am understanding now that I must give up all control over everything in my life right now and it hurts. Just wanted to check in and cry on your shoulders for a few minutes. Took a Xanax ( what the heck) & think I'll head toward the bedroom. Sweet dreams to all - Mel

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No, no, no
Mel you are not giving up all control over everything in your life. You are continuing to fight. It isn't helplessness.
I know the helpless feeling, but knowing that you are fighting with all the weapons at
your disposal helps.
well all keep praying for you and for the boss problem.
hugs to cheer you, cher

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Thank you, Cher, for your words of support. I was very weepy last night...that is another thing I feel I have no control over. These drugs make me so emotional!
Enough about me...how are you doing? Where are you in your treatments? I'm going to add you to my list of friends today...email me anytime @ meldav@ipa.net.
Hugs right back atcha'.

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Hello Mel, You are in Arkansas and I am your neighbor, in Missouri. I have a cousin that retired in Buena Vista. Akansas is a beautiful state, my husband and I have been to Eureka Springs many times. About your white count, mine has dropped as low as .06 which is basically 0, but have never taken the nueprogen shots. That is probably because I do not work and can stay in and away from other people. I have been really lucky to have only had to fight off one cold all through this. I started treatment in September and have "2"!!!!!! left. I'm sorry you have to deal with that jerk of a boss. Start a journal about what he says and the way he treats you, you may need documentation in the future. Some people just can not see beyond themselves and they are to be pitied. You are getting the right attitude. I don't know about the nueprogen first hand but one of the ladies at my Onco's office told me that the shots gave her some achy flu-like symptoms. Hope you feel well and they bring your white count bouncing back..Love to you, Nancy

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Hi Mel, vinnie here. Sorry your going thru this stuff with your boss, but right now your what's important. My onco doesn't give Nupregin so when my counts are low I miss treatments. Have 2 more Taxol to go. Take the day and pamper yourself. I work full time and sometimes I wish I could take a few days off. Think of yourself, your worth it.

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Dear Mel,
I also had a boss problem but it occurred after my treatment was over. My boss during treatment was fired. That had upset me very much because he was so understanding during my chemo and radiation absences. Rather than report to a new know nothing manager, I quit a job I enjoyed very much. I was able to spend a whole summer with my son before he went off to college. Then I got this terrific part time job as a computer specialist in a Christian School. So give up all your burdens and God will show you His new plans.
I heard that Neupogen works wonders so you should be feeling better real soon. Love Margaret

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