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new format

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Joined: Jan 2001

Hi All! I first found this site several weeks ago. I was diagnosed with BC in January... anyway, I found the format then so confusing, that I only logged on 2 times. Trying to find the current messages was such a pain. I love the new format !

Mary Anne in CA

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Joined: Jan 2001

I'm with you on this new format! I joined about 3 weeks ago but always had to arrange extra time to logon knowing it would take awhile. This is terrific! Have you started treatment for your BC? Hope to hear from you soon...you are in my prayers!
Mel in Ark.

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I think this format is working much better. I notice alot more new people posting messages. I had emailed Tony L. the other day to complain about how much time the old format took to download. Now I find myself spending less time trying to find new messages. But I tried to get into the chat area this morning and failed to get any response though it said that I was the 3rd person in it. I feel that this discussion area is almost like a chat room anyway. Margaret

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Joined: Dec 2000

I told someone last night that I was having the very same trouble. I will jump over to email and write to tony about this problem.
Although I too almost feel this is as chatty as a chat room. although the response is not quite as immediate.. cher

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hey MA, how's it going? i like the new format as well. message tony that i thought it was working well. good luck with new chemo. i'll be doing chemo soon. hugs,cj

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Hi Mary Anne, Welcome. What kind of bc and what kind of treatment are you going for. Keep in touch. vinnie

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