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new chat room format

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Hello everyone, Surprise...everything looked different this morning... I think I am going to like this format much better, although will take a little getting used to. I tried to get into the chat room today and it said I had joined with 4 others there and it printed my messages, but never got any printed response. My screen kept flashing but thats all it did. I will keep trying when I see one of us there. Would really be fun to chat with all of you. Love, Nancy

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hey Nancy,
That's all it did for me too...i thought it was just my ineptitude with chat rooms.
I'll write tony and see if he knows what is going on that we can't
get others messagescher

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cruf and i managed to meet in the chat room...it was cool....susan

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Hi Nancy! I got the same thing when I tried to get into the chat room. I sent a message to the powers that be to see what I needed to do to get in. I'm not sure, but I think that those that are there need to be on your friends list before you can get through. I'll let you know when I hear back from the Administrator. Later.....Wendy in Calif.

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I'd love to get in the chat room with all of you ladies. Let me know the day and the time!! I am available most of the time. I still haven't heard back on my inquiry about the chat room, so I guess we'll just have to keep trying. Hope everyone is having a good day. Time to finish dinner and pick up children from school. Take care and I hope to make contact with you all soon. Blessings....Wendy

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hi there angie,
I am going to try the friends list thing...go down the list of messages and add everyone to my list even though I think almost everyone is there. I emailed tony just a few minutes ago. then hopped back on here even though I am supposed to be doing my exercise session right now. (it's funny the old format took so long to load the thread list that I could do an entire set of repeats of one or two exercises while it was loading
Now I will really have to set aside my exercise time and stick to it.)

hope we can all get together to chat soon

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Hi Nancy:
What a surprise. This looks like a much better format althou it will take me a while to feel comfortable. If you figure out the chat room, let me know. I bet that would be fun. Talk to ya soon, I'm having fun scrolling. See ya, vinnie

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Hi everybody. The chat room does work sometimes. I've been on 2 times ,with Sue Holm and Wenaeur. It's great. Just keep trying.

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