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Well, it is nice to see the new web format, but honestly, I dont like it. I think I would rather go through all the messages to get the current ones. This is really kind of feeling unfinished? I really suck on the computer, so maybe that is my problem!!
Well, I will check in tomorrow and try and figure this all out!
Take care all.
Hugs and love from Tiger

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Tiger, I agree! Maybe we're creatures of habit, but this is confusing. The only thing I like is the chat room. That's neat! I was on this PM with someone and it worked well. Maybe we just have to give it time! Talk to you later. Cathy(CRUF)

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Hi Tiger, I think I have to agree with you. I'm not to crazy about this new format either. I'm not to great on the computer either so I figured it was just me. Hope things are going good for you. Judy

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hey guys,
give it a few days. I was so tired of having to watch the dizzy-making spin
of messages flickering by.
Maybe it is because I am used to old bulletin board style, but this is easier
to me except I can't see the print on my reply, so you'all will just have to put up
with the typos.
hope things are going well for everyone.
hugs cher

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Hi Rosa, yes me too. We have all complained to Tony and he changed this format and now we don't like it. It seems like we are missing something, doesn't it? This is better, I think, once we are used to it. There were 3 in the chat this morning and I tried to join in but it would not let me receive any response. It came up on the screen that I had joinded the chat and printed out my message but no one ever responded....maybe they just thought I had nothing to say!!! Anyway I got a suprise, too when I came into the site..this will be interesting. Love to you, Nancy

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Hey, guys! I love this new format! (call me crazy) I'm with Cher in that I was sick of not being able to view the new messages without spinning through every message on the board. It will just take time. Haven't tried the chat room yet. (I may change my mind after I do!) later, all. Love ya-Mel

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Well I Like it too. I'm with Cher & Mel. Did a bit of surfing around & think Ive got it sussed (or is that a down under only expression). Think I will to say TA to Tony. Love Pam

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