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bad days

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My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this last oct. She is actually doing well except that she had a nervious breakdown and is still irrational at this point. And I don't know what to do. I'm angry most of the time. I have to make her take a shower, go to her doc appts., and listen to every secret she has ever had and expect me to keep them. I don't know how ot deal with her. Am I suppose to ignore her. Am I suppose to go along with whatever she says? I am at a loss and have no idea what to do?


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Micalea- I don't know how old you are but I would first keep a diary so you have a place to vent your feelings. I also would try to get some outside help for your mom like a visitng nurse. You need to treat her with respect. Her mind is playing tricks on her so you need to decide where in her mind you can go that will be safe. Sometimes the drugs they give her will have this effect on her mind. For instnce start asking her about her past and when she was a child. If you find the "age" she is at in her mind it will be easier for you to deall with her. I remeber my granny was age 84 but acted like 5 I had to treat her like a 5 year old. It hurt me but once we got her meds right she was much better. Can anyone one else help you? You need some one to help you so you can take a break. Shows like Montel etc help folks like you. A good book to read is Lord help me change my attitude. In it when we complain we need to think of something we are thank ful for. So if you are angry at mom because she won't take a shower, be thankful you have a mom etc. Alice

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