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more on my reactions to chemo

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hi again,
cher here after the craziness of multiple new emails from friends just waking up and getting online.
I also got nocked off my isp for inactivity or for having too much time on
on a busy morning...doesn't usually happen but I was on here for a long long
time catching up on everyone's posts.
EYE SIGHT changes. Right after the second treatment, i started getting
eyestrain headaches, itchy, dry eyes, and lots of trouble focusing.
called the nurses at the onco office to see if it was a side-effect before calling
the eye doc, and sure enough...common problem...supposedly goes away
after treatment is over...however I read that the same sort of problem but
rather permanent occurs with tamoxif

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Dear Cher
Wondered what had happened to you. Hard to keep a good girl down though. How is it going apart from the eyesight. Not too many side effects. Hope you get some spring weather soon. Thinking of you. Love Pam

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my eyesight is somewhat better, but I can't focus properly on objects while the car is moving, so I only drive around our little country back roads where the is little traffic...yesterday my husband took me for a three hour drive through the hills west of here, temperature was in 70's F so we had windows down. enjoyed it but got a little car sick from all the fuzzy images...when I was a kid every time I needed new glasses I would have car sickness until I got them...it really hurried people to get me to the eye doctor.
any how I also have read articles on tamoxifen and eye sight problems, and after the taxotere is over I am supposed to start the tamoxifen. I plan to discuss that with the doctor to see if one of the other estrogen suppressing drugs would be better for me.

always something new to watch out for.

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