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hi, I'm back, after taxotere then what??

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My computer crashed and i couldn't find this page for several weeks,
feeling low, anxious, having scans 2/19 with results 2/23,
will need to change after 9 rounds of taxotere to something new, anybody else done that?? and too what??

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I just read your message today. I had 6 rounds of taxotere and then switched to Taxol(7). I became allergic to the Taxotere, but did good on the Taxol. I am in remission with Stage IV breast cancer (bones, liver, lungs). One year anniversary since diagnosis coming up next month. Praise God. Good luck to you, and you will be in my prayers. BDean

Posts: 40
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hi, so glad you answered my message, sometimes i thought i was the only one with stage 4 breast cancer (bone, liver) , first noticed it in my lymph node supraclavicular1/00, 8/00 spread to liver and possible lung and bone in sternum and pelvis. after the taxotere the lung spots (he was not sure they were cancer) and pelvis mets are gone but the mutiple tumors in liver only shrink .4 cm over 7 months. BUT they have not groown either. i get worried and anxiuos when i read stats about stage 4 bc, ave life expectancy is 18 months, have you heard anything like that??
how are you feeling after all that chemo???
i've been off taxotere since 1./30 still bone and muscle and joint aches but the swelling has subsided quite a bit, not gone all the way yet but much better.
i feel ok and still able to work. still fatique easy and need to pace myself.
i have 4 kids, ages 10, 16,18, 19 the 16yo is a girl (quite moody you know, actually she'll be 16 in july)
tell me more about your story,
i'm speaking to a woman's leadership conference 3/17 and wondering if you have anything you would like me to say??
thanks alot donna gotto

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