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breast cancer support---looking for assisstance

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I am new to this web page and to cancer groups. Please be patient with me. My mother is 65 years old and is fighting and aggressive form of breast cancer. There have been so many delays in her care for different reasons...hospital scheduled too many test in one day. Tests that cannot be done on the same day. She has had blood clots and infections. She as had 4 surgeries since Nov. 16, 2000. Her sense of humor has been wonderful thru everything. Now she is down and depressed, her hair has pretty much all fallen out. This was to be expected, but it has been the hardest to deal with for her. I am trying to find a pattern to make her some turbans and surprise her. My problem is at this time, I can't find anything worth using, if I find anything at all. Any suggestions? Or are there sources I'm not finding? Thank you for any help.

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Hi Julie, my name is Judy. I'm sorry I can't help you witht he turban pattern. I wish I could. It seems there is really a lot of needs for breast cancer patients as far as turbans, hats, clothing, etc. I wish the best for your Mom. I will keep her in my thoughts & prayers. Sounds like she is very lucky to have such a caring daughter as yourself. Support of family & friends is so important. Judy

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Hi Julie,
At my local Am. Cancer Soc. office, a wonderful lady named Ann Hohimer has made caps
to give to women undergoing chemotherapy. Email me your address along with the colors your mom likes
and I can see if I can send you one. My email address is mjdp2@yahoo.com
Ann makes these caps from donated materials and has formed her own non-profit company called
Hats from the Heart and has been asked to be featured on TV on a story about remarkable women.
Also the Am. Cancer Society has a catalog called "tlc" and has hats and turbans you can order.
They also put on a program called "Look Good, Feel Better" where a cancer patient learns to apply
makeup and tie scarves etc. so they can look more "norml" The cosmetics are donated from the
cosmetic industry and the presentation is done by a Reach to Recovery volunteer who has herself
gone thru the cancer experience. Your local Am. Cancer Soc. office might also have some wigs to loan
out. Will pray for you and your mom. Love Margaret

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A friend made me hats and they are nice. I'll ask her if she has a pattern. If so, I'll let you know and ask for your address. Debw

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my daughter got me a book for christmas thjat is all hat and cap patterns
its called "Happy Hats, Cool Caps", it doesn't have a turban per se, but lots
of cute ideas.
there are a couple turban patterns in the special needs section of the major patternm
catalogs but they are pretty yuicky. Often at home or around the neighborhood, I just wrap
a lightweight scarf (like a big bandana like a mammy turban, or a silk scarf or whatever like
a babuska tied in back and tuck in the extra corner ) it is veruy cold and windy where I live and
it really helps when the wind howls.
Plus I have told nearly everyone in my neighborhood that I a battling cancer and to expect the
unexpected. I have had offers of hats, used wigs and all sorts of stuff.
American canmcer soc. in most localities has a wig loaner program.
I wish I could mail you all the various patterns I have here but give me and idea and what you need.
my regular email is thedaetwylers@yahoo.com,.
Hope we can all be of some help to you.
I know only to well how confusing all the tests and such can be.
By the way, my surgeon wrote me off after the path report came back, so I fired her, and got a new one.
also have the best oncology team in my area.
prayers for you and your mom. the depression is one of the side effects of almost all chemo.
I am an old had at dealing with depression. tell her doctors if she won't tell them about it. there
are lots of ways to cope with it. sometimes just knowing that it comes with the meds begins to make you
feel some batter. But there are good antidepressanmt meds out there thjey can prescride if thjey
are called for and it sounds as if they may be.
keep in touch
hugs to you both, cher

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