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Recurrance Breast Cancer

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I have a niece of 22 years old. 2 years ago she was diagnosed to have breast cancer. After surgery she had radiatioan and chemo. And then she had tests for each 3 months. 6 months ago the doctor said that they want to extend this test to each 6 months. But last month after 4 days of suffering pain in her spine, and after bone test, they said that the cancer is back on her spine(active) and on her shoulders as (inactive). now they started 15 sessions of radiation and 3 sessions of chemo ( in 3 months ),
Please send me the e-mail if you know sth. about this. Or anything that I can use to help her and give her hope that someday she will be cancer free.

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Hi Laaya: My name is Catherine, come from Taipei, Taiwan. 5 years ago, I was diagnosed as Breast Cancer at the age of 28. I accepted the mastectomy surgery on my left breast and took the Chemo of CMF(8 courses). 2 years later, I had recurrence on my skull, upper brain(right side) and T-spine(T3, T11), then I took the brain surgery, Chemo(Taxol+Adriamycin--6courses) and radiation(brain & spine) therapy. It has been 2 years and 5 months after my brain surgery. As my experience, doctors usually use radiation & chemo to treat bone mets problem. My oncologist used a drug named "Pamidronate(Aredia)" to treat my bone problem. He explained that this drug cannot kill the cancer cell on the bone, but strengthen bone & slow down the bone mets situation. This drug is by injection, once in a month(90mg), can be used with chemo, suggested injection time is 3~4 hours. I think this drug is not perfect, for I discover 2 new points on my bone. But it indeed can reduce the bone pain, strengthen our bone and slow down the mets situation. You may discuss this drug with the doctors. The new generation drug for treating bone mets named "Zometa", it is said the effects is better than "Pamidronate". Hope these information is useful.
This site is very helpful, you can ask any questions as you want no matter in medical or emotion. We are like a family, every lady here is so supportive and friendly. Please encourage your niece: Alway keep positive attitude! Positive attitude is the best medicine to heal cancer! Never give up! In this site, everyone comes from different country but has the same goal: Fight with cancer and conquer it! Please keep in touch!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Love & Hugs from Catherine

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Dear Laaya. After breast cancer I was cancer free for nearly 20 years before it recurred & all those years worrying would have been such a waste of my life so try to encourage her not to dwell on the constant threat of worryying about return. All you can do is encourage your neice to find out as much as she can and take someone along with her to her appointments to make sure all the right questions are being asked to get the best treatment. For some of us we have our original disease & then no more. For some it is more aggressive. We are all different. Just make her aware that treatments are getting better all the time & breast cancer is more & more becoming a chronic disease rather than the certain killer it once was. If her orignal cancer was estrogen positve make sure she is on hromone therapy as well as chemo to cover all the bases. With support from a great aunt like yourself she has a lot of help. Encourage her to visit this site & read all the survivor stories. They will help. My love to you & your niece. Pam

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