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Can I have some snow please?

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We have a tropical heatwave at the moment. Very humid & 33 centigrade. Sleep just about impossible without air conditioning which we don't have. Just a ceiling fan. So can all you who still have some send me some snow to cool it all down a bit. Oh well soon be our wet season & I will be complaining again.
Healthwise it's two steps forward & one back. The compression fracture in upper back & resulting tumor push through into spinal canal is a bit painful but I am now undergoing radiation for that. 3rd session today. No ill effects from that so far but apparantly I will develop a sore throat & cough as it is so close to my windpipe area. Wonderful!! Had a day from hell last week with daughter in hospital for anti-biotic resistant throat infection. Grandson had chicken pox so we had to look after him. Godmother was hosptalised (in a different hospital) for a seizure (she is 84) and I had a nerve spasm in back while being mapped for radiation & was on morphine. Truly a wonderful day. Hope all of you are being positive & concentrating on recovery. When are we going to get our new layout for this site. It now takes so long to load that I have to be sure I have plenty of time to look at the new messages (first finding them of course. We all need to put a bit of pressure on Tony about this I think. Sorry it's just my Virgo practical nature & critical attitude taking over & the heat is making me crabby. Love & hugs to you all. Pam

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Oh Pam, You have been having a really rough time. I am so sorry and wish I could do something more to help you. I am in the midwest, Missouri/Kansas and we have had ICE and SLEET here. Wish I could send you just an afternoon of this stuff to cool you off. I have had back problems and know what the muscle spasms in your back felt like. It's like a heart attack in your back. No one really understands that pain unless you have experienced it. I will pray extra hard for you and maybe with all of us praying, you will feel better soon. Love to you, Nancy

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Hi Pam. It's Cathy. I live in New york 30 miles north of N.Y.C. I'm sick of winter and would gladly send you snow. I'm ready for Spring. It's not coming soon enough. Sorry for all the illness in your family. Hope things are improving! Hope your radiation treatments shrink your spinal tumor. I'll be praying for you!

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Hi Pam,
We are onlly having rain here but it is only 40 F so that would at least cool
you off.
I hope things are going better today. All that going on with illness in your
family is just too much. Will pray for you.
luv, cher

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HI Pam
vinnie here. I live in New Jersey and although the snow has melted it is so cold here today. Had to go out for a Baptism and Its freezing, windy and cold. I can't wait to see the sun and feel it warm on my face. I've had it with the cold blustery winter.
Hope your feeling better and my prayers to you.

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We had below 0 degree F this past week. If I could send it, I would. Hope the treament is giving you some relief. Love Debw

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Hi Pam, I really hope you are feeling better. You have had more than your share sounds like. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts & prayers. As for the snow and cooler weather. I would gladly send you some from here. We had snow Friday. Our weather has been a lot colder than usual for our area. We live in Texas, NW of Dallas/Ft.Worth. We have had so much rain also. I am ready for Spring. I will be complaining though when summer comes with the heat & humidity. Take care. Judy

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