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Results of CT Scan

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Looks like I do have diverticulitis. It may be causing the pain in the side. But doesn't explain pain in hip or leg. The "bone changes" were on the first scan a year ago per the oncologist. If they had indicated cancer, the bone scan should have picked it up - at leastly logically it should have. Which it did not. But my doctor said sometimes what is logical does not occur in medicene. He suggests I wait for either pain or alkaline phosphatase to show up in blood work. My next visit is in May. He said that if I want, I could get a biopsy. I asked "what if the pain in my side etc (the divertic...) does not respond to the Cipro. Could it be something else."He said then we may want to look again at the "bone change" issue. Sure wish medicene was an exact science. Guess it is left up to me to pray for inspiration. I'm sure I'll be guided. Thanks for listening.

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Dear Deb. I know I am going to harp on my usual band wagon but Bovine Colostrum has shown remarkable results in treating diverticulitis. I do think it is a bit much throwing such a painful condition at you when you are already fighting cancer. I have a good friend who has Diver and she is in agony sometimes. I got her on the colostrum & she is a lot better. Stress has a lot to do with it so try to relax. Glad its not a BC complication though. I have my new round of radiation beginning tomorrow. Not looking forward to it as it is high on my back & apparantly my throat will be very sore & I will develop a cough. ALready on the colostrum & steriods to lessen the effects. Love to you. Pam

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hi, just don't fret. that always makes diverticulitis worse. the bovine colostrum will probably help
we'll be praying for you.

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