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Throat pain

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I finished radiation Dec 12 and I am still having a lot of throat pain. The tips on dry throat at night will help, but how long until the pain gets easier?

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Everyone's experience w/pain and side effects vary so much that it's hard to say for sure.
Sorry not much help but it does get better and much sooner than you think. When you're hurtin' a day feels like a week.

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Hey! I had a head and neck cancer too and had major rads to the whole area. Watermelon was wonderful because it is soft, cold and wet. Shaved ice is great too. You kinda numb the whole area because the ice thing going on. As far as the night time thing, well I still 2 1/2 yrs later struggle with this because I sleep with my mouth open. With I could control that! Do your Dr's have you completely off pain meds? If so, then that actually is a good thing. I know it doesn't seem like it. It does get better. I always brush as soon as I get up. The gunk is gross. I thought i'd get used to it but not yet. Fudge bars are good too. Remember the pain is your body healing. Hang in there. Let me know how it goes. Tambam

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Thanks so much for the info! Watermelon is the one thing I actually enjoy eating and agree that Ensure is the worst. The weight seems to have stabilized after a loss of about 40 lbs. I am still taking some pain meds, but they don't seem to be doing much good. Maybe it is time to stop and see what happens. It really helps to know that there are others who have had the same experiences. Everytime I ask the doctor what to expect he tells me it should be better in 2 weeks. Thanks again.

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My experience was that it took about four months for the pain (similar to a bad strep throat)to subside. I presume that you're not taking an antihistamine (sp) cocktail to sooth your throat anymore. More importantly are you getting down the calories? Can you eat without difficulty? I liked the Scandi-shakes with whole milk and real icecream. I disliked Ensure, which I dubed Endure, yuck. Whatever works for you is the key.

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Are you on a duragesic patch for the pain? That would help.

My pain lasted for about 3 mos. but I was OK with the duragesic patches.

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