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Metastatic Liver Cancer

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My mom is detected with metastatic liver cancer. Would appreciate if anyone could
recommend some effective treatment.

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Joined: Feb 2001

I survived liver cancer stage 4 with recurrence to my lung one year after my original diagnosis. I found a doctor in Chicago, Illinois named Keith Block, M.D. who works with camcer patients from around the world. Dr. Block utilizes traditional and alternative therapies, including nutritional supplements, herbs, etc. plus other means of creating health. Please contact Dr. Block in Evanston, Illinois at Block Medical Center, 1800 Sherman Avenue. The phone number there is 847 492 3040. I live in Texas and could not find anybody in this state who could address my concerns and help me with additional care. There are others out there who do this type of work but I don't know who they are. One thing I do believe with my whole heart is that cancer patients NEED comprehensive treatments and therpies which support and help your body heal. Traditional therapies may be necessary and helpful, but many of the chemos are more deadly than the cancer itself and actually decrease your chances of survival. The decisions for treatment are tricky. When you're the one deciding what to do, you are in a vulnerable position because you have limited information from which to make your decision. My liver specialist told me there was nothing that coud be done for me. I disagreed totally. That was almost 4 years ago. Not bad for someone who should be long gone by now. I'm still here with absolutely no sign of trouble anywhere. My doctors at Baylor University Medical Center are amazed and very happy that I beat the odds.

You can also go the Dr. Block's Website I think it's BlockMedicalCenter.com I'm not sure of the website name.

Whatever you do, Hurry. Time is everthing with cancer. And don't believe anybody who says you can't beat this. The people at Block are incredible people. They will empower you to win your battle and you will win. See yourself healthy and well, doing whatever it is you want. And refuse to believe otherwise. If ever you've been accused of being stubborn, now is a good time to put it to work. If you've never been stubborn, it's easy to learn. Cancer is a powerful motivator. God bless you. E-mail me if you want, I will respond. You can call me if you wish. I'll e-mail my phone number to you if you want it. amac824@earthlink.net

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Hi. I am a 50 year old male that has recently been diagnosed with Colon cancer with liver metastasis stage IV. I was suggested the option of going through traditional Chemo or a Study - Clinical trial which is in Phase III a combination of Oxaliplatin(OXAL), 5-Fluorouracil (5FU) and Irinotecan (CPT 11). Apparently this treatment had some success in Europe and in North America. are you familiar with this treatment??? any response would be greatly apppreciated.

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It's so good to hear about you defeat with this terrible disease. I was diagnosed a little over a year ago, had a 5 lb tumor removed and had a reoccurance the end of Jan 2001. April 1st went to Johns Hopkins cancer center and had another operation to have lymph nodes that the cancer had spread to removed. Went through 6 weeks of chemo and radiation and by the grace of God, flew through the treatment with very little sickness. I go every 3 months for scans and of course get nervous when it get closer. Wanted to ask if you went to any support groups or counseling? Having a really rough time lately. Need a friend to share experiences.

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