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ALND Decision????

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In November, my wife had a sentinel node biopsy and a lumpectomy. The tumor
was 2.5 X 2.5 X 2 cm and was diagnosed as "invasive ductal carcinoma with
chondroid metaplasia" (not estrogen receptive). The lymph node biopsy
yielded the following result: metastatic adenocarcinoma in 2 of 2 lymph nodes.
Chemotherapy followed with
1) 4 C/A protocol infusions 21 days apart and,
2) 9 weekly Taxol infusions

We have one Taxol infusion to go and have to decide whether to have another
ALND surgery to see if other lymph nodes are positive. It seems that this is
the only way to test the effectiveness of the chemo to date and to decide if
other treatment should added to radiation that is planned.

We would be interested in hearing from anyone who has been in this situation
and would share the decision they made and the results. Lymphedema and other
permanent effects are our primary concern, but so is peace of mind.



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Never heard of ALND or going back and doing more node removal. Hope for the best. Debw

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I have never heard of that either? Usually they take so many nodes and if they show positive, go ahead with chemo and radiation. I have never heard of taking more nodes. Personally, i opted for a mastectomy, peace of mind is more important than a breast. The mastectomy itself is easy, and if exercises are done, then the lympedema really is not a problem. Has it metastasized anywhere else in her body? a cat scan, ultra sound and bone scan should be done to determine that , if not already done. Keep in touch with us.
Fight the Good Fight.
Hugs from Tiger

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Debw and Tiger,

I thought that ALND was a common term - I am just learning. I meant to say axillary lymph node dissection. Thanks for your concern and caring. I have passed your messages on to Donna. We have decided to have the surgery - all the literature that we have read indictes that it is the proper course for Donna's situation.

Thanks and God Bless,


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Hi, is an ALND an axiallary lymph node dissection? It sounds like the sentinel node biopsy just showed
that 2 nodes collected some cancer cells but were they completely removed? I had 12 nodes removed
and only 1 was positive. I was then given 4 A/C and recommended 4 Taxol but could only complete 1.
The Am. Cancer Society has a great booklet on preventing lymphodema. You can probbly download
it from the website. If not call them and ask them to mail you one. Margaret

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Thanks, Margaret I will look for that booklet.

God Bless,


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