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New to CSN, 37 year old female

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I have breast cancer and I had a masectomy with reconstructive surgery in December, and I just finished my second chemo treatment. I found this website and it looks very good. I would like to talk to other women who have been through this, especially regarding the reconstructive surgery.
Also, does life ever return to "normal" for anyone after all this sickness? Thank you!

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Welcome to this great support network. Although I didn't have reconstructive surgery I would say that
life is much better for me now. I am a two yr survivor and I now appreciate every day God gives me.
You will find your new priorities and enjoy family and friends more than ever. Good luck with you chemo.
You can read all the postings about reconstructive surgery and chemo or post new questions. You wil
find the women on this CSN knowledgeable, supportive and loving. God bless. Margaret

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Hi I'm Cathy. I had a Mastectomy and Tramflap Reconstruction on Sept. 11 and Feb.2, had a revision of my reconstructed breast. Recovery ,at times is hard but in the long run, it's what you make of it. I can't speak about sickness from chemo,cause I didn't need it, but many of the wonderful ladies on this site can help alot. Feel free to vent, ask questions ,etc. Anything I can help with ,I'm here. Keep in touch. Cathy RPT1206@aol.com

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Hi I'm vinnie. I had Lumpectomy, and chemo was a/c. Had a hard timing dealing with the effects of chemo. Am now on my 2nd Taxol and I'm tolerating it much better. What treatment are you on and how are you handling it???. Stay in touch no matter how good or bad you feel. This is a great site and everyone will be there for you, Your new friend

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Hi I'm Pam. You can read my "story" on web page to save repeating myself. Yes life does become normal (what is that really) after BC. I had a 19 year remission & can honestly say in that time that although I knew I had had BC I did not think about it very much. Just thanked my lucky stars I was free of the disease (or so I thought). Now I am in recurrance so the fight is on again but I think it has been easier this time. I know I beat it into submission once so I am sure I can do it again. You will never be entirely the same as a brush with a life threatening disease has to change you but in most cases people here on this site think it has brought blessings along with the pain, fear & worry. I know I treasure every day now. Ask away with any questions. Someone here will have had a similar experience and we are all only too willing to give out advice. Keep in touch & good luck with the rest of your chemo.Love Pam

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I had 4 rounds of AC and 4 rounds of taxol then radiation. It ended in October. So almost 4 months later I can say life is almost back to normal. My feet are still numb and painful from the taxol, my hair is growing in slow and thin (but I had thin hair before - just not this thin) But my grandson is just as adorable as ever, my husband still loves me and I still hate to do housework. So things are back to normal. I can just see them better now. Except I did lose that 20 lbs I have been trying to forever. So things are better than normal. Hang in there. Love - Debw

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Hi, I'm Judy. I had a mastectomy in Dec. also but didn't have the reconstructive surgery. I haven't ruled it out but just didn't feel I could deal with anything else at the time. I am 46. I told my husband yesterday that I felt better physically than I had since this all started. It really is a good feeling. I feel like a "normal" person again. I know things in my life will never be the same for me after this but I thank God every day for my life. I didn't have to have the chemo so I don't really know to much about that. There are lots of people here that can help you with any questions or concerns you have though. Good luck to you. Judy

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