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Discussion format - mesmerizes

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I think my spelling is off. But anyway I just discovered that trying to read all the way down the strings that it kind of puts you in a trance and you forget your troubles. Maybe Tony built it like that for a purpose. (smile). Before I read down the list I was really annoyed with the nurse that called today and gave me partial news of my test (might be diverticulitis and bones show change) but did not have any information. She called after 6:30pm and asked if Dr. Huntington(oncologist) had talked to me. This nurse is my regular doc. nurse. She said Dr. Walker will talk to him. I would rather have no news then half news. Maybe I better go read down the list again, cause I'm getting steamed up again. Debw

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Dear Deb
Some people have the sensitivity of a brick. Mostly though they think they are being helpful & don't realise how uptight we all are. If they had a life threatenig illness they would be a lot more sensitive. Hope by now you have got full results properly interpreted by your oncologist.
I go for 1st planning session for my new series of radiation tomorrow (NZ time) and will probably start treatment next week so I will be pretty wiped out by the end of next week. They do fewer, but more intensive treatments here (not paid by the sesion you see) so I don't know what's worse. I seem to get little problems from radiation apart from being so very very tired. Hope all is well with your tests. Let me kow when you hear something definite. Keeping everything crossed for you.
Love Pam

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Hey Deb, they really don't have a clue what they are doing to us...
I was running around with nearly zero neutrophils and the nurse said, well
we thought you would be so down you would know something was wrong.
still praying for you cher

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