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Hi to everyone!! I am a 55 year old with reaccurant breast cancer. I was diagnosed in Dec of 99 and had a lumpectomy in my right breast in Jan of 2000. Then I went through 3 months of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. In Oct of 2000 the cancer reaccured and had a month of chemo to try and reduce the size of the tumor before operating. When it failed to shrink, I had a mastectomy on Dec. 20th. Great Christmas!! Now I have cancer in the lymph nodes under my left arm and in the chest wall, nothing in the lungs or other organs. I am on chemo again to try and stop the spread and so far I have noticed a reduction in the size of the lump under my left arm and hoping that the ones in my chest are doing the same. I don't really know what my oncologist is going to recommend after the this either stops spreading or doesn't, but I am scared to death. Is there anyone out there who has the same problems? I am in desperate need to talk to someone who understands and knows what I am going through.

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Hello. I'm Pam. I am 54 and have recurrent breast cancer. First diagnosed in 1981 and had radical mastectomy with no positive nodes apparant. Now in recurrance. Have tumors in most of my torso bones & left lung. BUT Responding to treatment. You don't say if you are hormone positive or negative. If you are positive they will put you on Tamoxifen. It is really working for me. Had my last MRI & CT last week and all show "significant healing". Only problem is a compression fracture & tumor intrusion into spinal canal.. I know it's scary but all you can do is be very very positive and say "I WILL SURVIVE". Some of the people on this site have had horrendous mestateses and they have been successfully treated so don't ever give up hope. Ask questions of your medical team and use this & other sites like oncology.com to find out all you can so you can question your team with knowledge on your side. Don't ever let them fob you off and ask for the most aggresive treatment needed to effect a cure. If they start suggesting palliative care fire them & find a new team who will fight with you. Vent your anger , fears & frustrations here. We have all been there & back so will know what you feel. Good luck. Love Pam

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What chemo are you on? You know it will get better. You just decide that this will not be a wall but a ladder. We learn so much from our experiences. When this is all over you will be amazed on how much you have grown. Love Debw

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