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Hot Flashes

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Could someone please help me? I'm 34 years old and experiencing the worst hot flashes ever. I have been put into pre-menopause by my oncologist. My cancer feeds off estrogen, therefore, no more estrogen. The only good thing I have found about this is "no periods". I have been on effexor for my hot flashes, but it doesn't work. My radiologist put me on clonidine, doesn't work. Does anyone out there have a suggestion? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nelda (new to the site)

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Hi! I'm Maggie. I am 32 years old & also have hot flashes. I was also put into pre- menopause. I am currently taking tamoxifen, the flashes are not as bad. They are calming down alot. Maybe yours will also. Take care, Hugs & smiles, Maggie

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hi Nelda,
the onco nurses told me to take Vitamin E (anywhere from 900-1200 IU)
that it would help the hot flashes and it has somewhat made them less severe.


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Hi, I'm vinnie, I have to agree with Cher. If I stop talking my Vit E I have hot flashes all day and night. So far, its worked great for me. Good Luck.

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