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Hello ladies. I talked today to a spokesperson for the people who make Taxotere. I found out some interesting things. I wanted basically to find out how long these side effects from the Taxotere were going to last. The back pain they have no information on. Studies were not carried out past treatment. The numbness and tingling in the feet have been known to last up to two years after completion of treatment. As for any other symptoms, they are not allowed to tell the consumer, us, anything than what is on the package insert. The FDA forbids this. I guess I am going to have to tackle the FDA. If anything, we, the consumers, have the right to know just how long this drug is going to react in our system. So, tomorrow I am going to go on the FDA site and see what I can find out, if anything. Just thought you might like to know. Our doctors can call in to their 800 number, which she gave me (1-800-633-1610) and they can be given all the info that is not published. Jane

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Hi Jane,
My one and only Taxol treatment was 10/98 and I still have tingling in hands and feet. Since it has been
over 2 years, my surgeon doesn't think I will have any improvement (ie, it going away). After my side effects
I did read in the fine print that 5% of the clinical patients suffered my side effects. Margaret

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I am trying to decide if I should participate in a trial using taxotere. I am concerned about whether insurance companies cover this like they do taxol. Any answers out there?

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