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Some Test Results

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Hi everyone. I have some of my results back from MRI. Good & bad news. Most of the tumors in spine are shrinking & showing good signs of healing taking place. One in neck is not & is now pressing on spinal cord - hence the pain I have been experiencing. He doesn't know why nearly all the other tumors are responding & this one isn't. Going to try some radiation (my third course) to see if that will work. Must admit to being worried as I am losing feeling in left toes. Had the CT today. Should have results tomorrow but radiographer said my liver looked fine to her. The main reason for the CT was to see how lung tumor is responding so I'll keep you posted. Love to all. Pam

PS. Hope you had a happy birthday Rosa.

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My prayers and thoughts are with you Pam. Just hang in there. It will all work out. Think positive. Remember what the prayers, dances, candles and crossing everything did for me! It will work for you too. Jane

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Pam ~ I am glad to see you having some positive results. I will pray that the tumor in your neck will respond positively also. Luv, Jody

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Hi Pam!! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Try to stay positive. Love, Maggie

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Pam, will continue to pray to our Lord, the Great Physician, to heal you and grant you peace.
Thanks for keeping us posted. Love Margaret

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Pam, I am so happy to hear that your liver is fine, that is a scary one, believe me, and the fact that your others are shrinking too is great. The stubborn one on your neck is only to keep you on your toes, it will shrink too, I know it will, and so far I have not been wrong!!! Even if you are stuck in a wheel chair for awhile until it shrinks and you regain sensation in your toes, so what? Positive thinking is the key, stay strong emotionally and mentally, let John wait on you for awhile, treat you like the queen that you are!! Dont you dare start breaking down on me, I am looking forward to your trip , I have been telling all my friends that I am going to get to meet you(hopefully,if your relative can arrange it) Please dont break my heart! ( There, I will guilt you into getting over this!!) I will do a naked candle dance for you tonight, keep the faith and Fight The Good Fight! I KNOW you will win!
love and hugs from Tiger xoxox

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Trust me Pam, these naked dances by Tiger work! So if you get that from her it's a done deal. Jane

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Pam, just read your post about tumor in your neck. It must be so scarey. I would be freaking I am afraid. But it sounds as if your doctors are giving you the best they can, and i hope your trust in them is strong. you will be in my thoughts a lot, but i know that is not much consolation. i will dance naked too....and what a sight that will be! Much love, Susan

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Golly gee - do you think you have enough on your plate! What an inspiration you are. Please let us know when you start taking radiation. Love Deb

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Hi Pam, I will surely keep you in my thoughts & prayers as I do all of you each day. I read this in a book "A Cup of Hope" that my daughter-in-law gave me. It kind of gives me a lift when I need it. "Only God has the big picture for where you're going, but he has given you what you need to journey successfully. Wishing you the best. Judy

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hey Pam,
just keep on truckin'
I'll be praying.

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Hi Pam, My prayers are with you. Keep the faith and don't give in, up, or out!!
Love Katie

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