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question about Tamoxifen?

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Hey ladies! I have been on Tamoxifen for a year now and have gained so much weight. Has anyone else had this problem? I have been trying to lose some weight and it is so hard. I am also in menopause & I read in a Living Beyond Breast cancer book that it is harder to lose weight. Any suggestions? thanks, Maggie

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Hi Maggie. Ellen is right. I've always been what you might call a big girl but I've put on heaps since I went on Tamoxifen 5+ months ago. I fianlly managed to lose a couple of pounds by being very strong with myself but Christmas ruined all that. Like Ellen I work with a bunch of chocaholics too. Not that I'm one of course. Also I think we just slow down at menopause anyway so you have to make a conscious effort to walk or exercise more. With the natural decrease in estrogen at menopause your metabolism slows anyway & Tamoxifen just does it more & faster. So just try to keep it within bounds (look whose talking here - she who is fast approaching blimp stage) and decide do you want to be a live tubby or a dead skeleton! Love & hugs. Pam

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Hi Maggie, I read that book too and found it very helpful. I lost weight by counting calories and exercising
more. I was 140 lbs and was close to being overwt for my short 5'3" small frame. So I started consuming
only up tp 1500 calories a day eating 250 calories at 2 hour intervals. Cut out sodas and drank water and chips but still
squeeze in a few chocolates. Having been eating brothy soups and salads with lowfat dressings.
My big problem now is to cut out dairy products (as they might be promoting breast cancer) as I
always loved ice crm, cheese and yogurt.

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