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how long after chemo before recon allowed?

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Hi there all, how is everyone doing this evening? I would like to know if anyone can tell me about how long after finishing chemo before you are allowed to start looking into reconstructive surgery? I had my last chemo( hopefully for awhile) in Dec /00, but my onco says not to even consider it yet. I will have another ct in March, so hopefully by then if everyting is still looking good then he will let me go ahead with it. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks and have a good night.
Hugs from Tiger xo

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Tiger, I finished my chemo in October 1999 and radiation on December 23, 1999. I had my TRAM recon on March 22, 2000. My radiation oncologist said that sometimes after radiation it can take up to six months before you are ready for recon. However, with chemo, I think you just have to get your blood chemistries straightened back out and stable. This was very helpful wasn't it. Just call me MUD. Jane

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Hi Jane, no you were very helpful, I think my onco is waiting to see my next scan in March to make sure the tumours dont decide to start growing all of a sudden. Thanks, and take care.
Hugs tiger,xo

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Hi ~~ I had my last chemo on May 3, '00 and underwent the tissue explander placement on June 15 '00 so that was 6 weeks. I am unsure how long I would have had to wait for a TRAM. But if you are considering the implant, then 6 weeks was all I had to wait. GOOD LUCK!

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My oncologist & onco radiologist wants me to wait 6 months to a year after the last radiation. That was in October. I'm to the point where I'm not even sure I want it. The thought of more procedures doesn't interest me right now. Debw

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That's just how I felt Deb & 19 years on I still feel that way. Everyone accepts me the way I am & unless I say something, those who are new to me do not know I am one sided. Modern prosthesis are so comfortable & real looking that it is not an issue in my life. Also John (hubby) was so very supportive & was just happy to have me alive that he couldn't care less. Even the children accepted it & it became a bit of a family joke that I would take out my boob & threaten to throw it at them if they were misbehaving (they weigh quite a bit). Even my 5 year old grandson knows about it & doesn't bat an eye when he stays overnight with us. But it's a personal decision & we each have to make our own for our own reasons. Just don't let others push you into what you don't really want to do. Love to you. Pam

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