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Would you like to be a vegetarian?

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Hi, Catherine here. Have you ever heard that breast cancer patients had better give up some foods like milk, all kinds of meats(including pork, beef, chicken, duck, goose, fish) and eggs? Some reports indicated that meat, egg and milk are the 3 "killers" for cancer patients. If avoid eating the aboves, it is said that cancer will be controlled easier. It sounds like we had better to be a vegetarian. My Chinese herbs doctor also requests me not to eat them too much. He thinks "There are enough good quality proteins in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Meat, egg and milk provide us nothing but more poisonous substances." Then I had a test for myself. Guess what? Just 4 days(do not eat any meat), I found I turned out to be more energetic and discovered the original flavors of foods are really delicious, not that bad. The next day, I ate a little pork again, then I felt so tired and a little discomfortable. This is my real experiecne, for your reference. I do not intend to annoy anyone here, just provide my own experience.
Of course, sometimes I still want to eat meats, but I think customs can be changed as long as you get used to it. If eating less meats, eggs milk, sult, sugar and some delicatessen is helpful in curing cancer , I'll try it. There are many reasons for cancers but of course everyone's reason is different. It is said, getting too much nourishment is also one of the reasons.
I like eating meats so much before, but after 4 days test, I found there still are many food to choose, I'm not that painful. I'm sure I'll eat less meats and choose plain food, I think it'll do me good and is a healthy idea.

Loves from Catherine

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Hi Catherine, I am so happy to see you posting again on here. Yes, I have heard and read the same, I think I will give it a try too, the only thing is I am a beef lover, and giving it up will be hard, but i will try for a few days next week, I will see the dietician at the hospital for some menu ideas, and I will let you know how it turns out after i try.

hugs from Tiger xo

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Dear Tiger: I have another good news that may strengthen your mind to try vegetation. In the 4 days test (Just eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits and different kinds of beans), I lost about 2.5 lbs(1.13 kg), the fat on my arms & legs seems reduce a little. Healthy+ slim+ no starvation=another new start for us!
I am very interested in cooking, so I have many ideas about vegetation. I was not only a "beef lover" but a "meat lover" before I got BC. After recurrence, I still eat meats, sometimes I think, what if I had changed my diet earlier?
People have been used to eating too much meat, egg, sult, oil, sugar....etc. Plain food makes people feel boring. I found human body actually does't need such food but our "tongue" like them. We should provide the food our body need instead our "tongue" need, right?
Looking forward to hearing your test result soon!

Love & hugs from Catherine

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