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Some Support Needed

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Just got back from the oncologist visit. Results are not too positive. Apparantly my protein markers are starting to rise and there are elevated liver enzymes. So he is sending me for another MRI and CT scans to check it all out. Must admit to being very nervous. Keep your fingers crossed for me & get into those dances etc. Love to all. Pam

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Pam - Of course I am with you. My prayers and my thoughts. You have been through enough. Knowing that this ugly ******* beast is always in our background and can surface at any time is almost worst than knowing you have it active. I wish I could take some of the anxiety away from you. Just try to stay busy with busy projects and try to keep the mind from wandering to the MRI and CAT scans. Hopefully, this is just a quirk, perhaps caused by your meds or nature. Will think positively. Jane

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Pam, I am praying for you always, hopefully nothing will show up on the mri, but even if it does, I am walking proof that you can still beat it. My protein markers were abnormal for the past year, and are just finally normal now, I did not know that, therefore I did not worry about it, which i think helped. It is hard not to worry, but why worry ourselves sick over something that we cannot change. Think positive, visualize and talk to your body, tell it to heal itself, you are stronger than this cancer,no matter what, no matter how long it takes, you WILL beat it. I know in my gut and in my heart.

Love and hugs from Tiger xo

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Pam. just thinking of you lots. Love Susan

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Dear Pam: I can understand what you are feeling now. For the past 5 years, I was always very nervous in the peroid of time in waiting the follow-up reports. Don't forget God is just right beside us. He knows everything we worry about and he knows that we have sufferred enough. In the period of time in waiting reports, I always pray to God for mercy, hope he can help me conquer the devil--the cancer cells in my body and give me good news from the reports. I feel God knows my trouble and terror. The more confidence I have, the good reports I get. This is ture! So, keep your confidence in God, he knows how to help you. I usually think, if worry & anxiety can bring us good reports, we can worry all day long. But actually, worry & anxiety obviously help us nothing, so we have to find out some ways to releive ourselves. Medication has made a big progress in these years. I always think, even I have problem in my body again, then so what? It's no big deal! I have accepted 2 times of chemo, 2 times of radiation and 2 times of operations(one for breast, one for brain), I'm afraid of NOTHING now. I just want to kick cancer's ***!
Today is the first day in Chinese lunar new year. In Chinese tradition, it is said, everything will come true if we make a wish. I'll pray for you in this special day. Every minute, every second in life is so precious to us, catch every chance to make yourself happy. I alway talk to my friends, "If I must die, I'll die in a brave, proud and elegant way!!" I won't be threatened by such an ***---breast cancer.

Chin up & think positively, God will help you!!

Love & hugs from Catherine

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Hey Pam! You've been so strong up to this point. Don't let this get you too far down. You have alot of friends and family pulling for you. I hate to dance,but for you ,I'll do my chase away the beast dance.Think positive. Cathy

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Praying for you extra long tonight. Think positive. Deb

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My feet are dancing for you, Pam. Keep your positive attitude. Most importantly, I will pray for peace and healing for you. Love, Jody

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Hi Pam! I will say a special prayer for you tonight. I will not say,"try not to worry", because we all know that it is impossible not to worry . Take care and keep your chin up. God will be with you. Hugs, Maggie

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Dear Pam, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
If you can also pray for Norma, ner mom and family of Mary (Norma's sister)
who passed away yesterday afternoon only a couple weeks after Norma found us.

You have been such a support to me, and since I am feeling soo healthy I feel
guilty writing about how I feel when others are down.

prayers and hugs, and a "rain dance of blessings" for you, cher

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Thanks CHer. Nice to hear from you again. I will certainly be sending my thoughts to Norma. I can't find her e-mail address to send a personal message. Do you have it? So glad your treatment is going so well. Do you have your water delivery yet? Love to you. Pam

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Hi, Pam,
Norma is nroma43@gte.net. She just seems overwhelmed.

my water is in the tank but since the little pipe that comes in from the tank
to the house plumbing (which we replaced last weekend), has little holes
we had to pull it out and hope to replace it this afternoon or tomorrow am.
i want a long soak in the tub so-o badly.

praying for you,

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Pam, I will certainly keep you in my thoughts & prayers for the strength & courage to face whatever comes your way. Worrying about all this sure can use up a lot of energy we could use for other things but somehow we just can't help it. Think positive thoughts & know that we are all here for you. Judy

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Hi Pam, I'm kind of out of practice dancing but here goes...Hips swinging, head bobing, arms pointing up to the sky. Wish you could see me!!!!Tiger gave you such good words, she is living proof of what a fighter can win, with a positive attitude and trust in GOD. You have prayers from all of us here and prayer is POWERFUL. Love to you, Nancy

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hi, I'm donna gotto, new to this site yesterday, i strongly know where you are coming from, last 1/2000, i had finally got a lymph node biopsyed, they were watching it for 6 months, of course it was positive, then 8/2000 it went into my liver and have been doing chemo q 3 wks since with taxotere, keep your chin up, i know it sounds cliche but all the encouragement you can get is the best,
email me here or at home gottod@galenalink.com, would love to talk,
my dr soesn't do tumor markers, liver enzymes were not elevated(above normal but elevated for me) wheni had by cat scan "mutiple liver mets) the largest was 4 cm and has only shrunk to 3.6 cm after 8 tx of taxotere
i can't figure out how to address a email to the group yet, so this my be all repetition, sorry about that
will be saying prayers and thoughts for you---stay in today and don't let your mind wander too far or at all in the future -- it's too overwhelming, you had the present for sure,


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