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Happy Birthday Sue!!!

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Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Sue, you smell like a monkey and you live in a zoo!!! Just kidding, I am a good one to talk, an ant has more hair on its arse than I do on my whole body right now!!!!!
For you non- Maritime lingo ladies, arse means ***, but I thought that saying *** on here would be rude!!! ha ha. OH I feel great right now, sleepy, but pleasently so. I think my family has finally driven me completely around the bend!!
My hair will probably come in fuschia or bright green with all the bloody chemo I had this past year, I am a walking nuclear waste dump!
Oh boy I am tired, i am rambling nonsense now. You all take care of yourselves, I am going to do as Nancy S suggested for me, " take two aspirins and keep away from children" !!!
Love and hugs from Tiger

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