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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Just Curious

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Hi out there I was just curious about those with the small cell I was wondering how long they've been living with it, I guess it's a personal survey my mom was diagnosed in sept 2000 and did 30 rounds of radiation and is getting ready to do round 6 of her 3 day inpatient chemo and then she's done and she see's the dr every 3 weeks after that and will have a chest xray , and then a ct scan every 3 months she feels she should live in a ct scan now just to watch it, so i was just wondering if anyone had been dealing with the small cell for any extended period of time everyone here seems to be pretty fresh in diagnosis, within 18 month or so, just wondering thanks sandy

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Wondered what you might have found out. I am new to the site also. My sister, age 58 has small cell lung cancer and is starting chemo and radiation this week. How is your mom doing and what we expect with my sisters condition? Thanks so much and hang in there.

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Hi you can email me at cfava@mc.net if you'd like to know more about what my moms been through,take care

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