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Tigers test results!!!!!

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Hello there all you wonderful, beautiful ladies!!!! I am going to make this sort and sweet(yeah, that would be a first!!)
My cat scan showed that the tumours in my liver are " invisible within the normal margins of the cat scan" which basically means that if they did not know they were there, then they would not have been able to see them!!!!! Ya hooooooooooo.... Now apparently my blood protein levels, which show if the liver is functioning properly or not, were abnormal all year,indicating the cancer, but now my levels are normal!!! I did not know that, and it is a good thing , because I would have worried. There is a lump on my liver that was measuring at 1.7 cm, but is now between 2-3 cm, but they dont think it is a tumour, as per bloodwork and personality of it, they think it could be swelling or a cyst. So I am off chemo for now, I will continue the Herceptin once a week for the next eight weeks, have another cat scan, then see the onco again and go from there. But what a relief, this Taxol/Herceptin stuff is really working wonders, according to my first jackass onco, I should be in the grave by now. Huh, boy did I prove him wrong!! I want to go see him and stick my tongue out and say nah nah!! Nobody is going to tell me how long I have, I will go when I am damn well good and ready!! Well, I must sign off, I have a headache and my eyes are heavy, all the tension i guess finally hit me now that I can relax for awhile. A warm tub then nighty night!! I love you all and thank you for your support, you have really come to mean alot to me, I tell everyone about you, we may see some new names popping up here in the future!!!
love and hugs to all
Rosa. xo(Tiger)

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Congratulations Rosa! You're awsome!Keep up the positive attitude. It obviously works. Cathy

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Tiger, you are awesome and such an important part of this network, now go get some rest!!! Margaret

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Congratulations Tiger! I am so glad to hear your news. I have kept you in my prayers as with everyone else on here. If everyone had such a positive attitude as you do & if that could cure breast cancer we would all be well. Way to go. Wishing you all the best. Judy

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Congratulations! Deb

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Tiger - Consider this! A 62-year-old, white-haired woman jumping up and down with joy, tears running down her cheeks! Gad, girl - this is the best news we have heard in a very long time. CONGRATULATIONS!! It's about time. Love to you and yours. Jane

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Hi Tiger! That is GREAT news!!! And with your positive and upbeat spirits that you have, you will beat this disease. Hugs & Smiles, Maggie

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Thank you all so much for sharing in my happiness, I just wish I could hug all of you individually!!! Pam, I am surprised I did not wake my neighbors!!!! Sex really makes me sleep great!! (nasty woman I am)
Now, my happiness would be complete if we heard from Jackie and Pat. I have been contacting some of the other ladies at home, due to them being tired from chemo, but they are doing well. I hope you all have a good weekend, hard to believe it is almost the end of January already!!! yeah, this cold really bites.
Hugs and love from Tiger xo

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Oh WOW!!! I am sitting here hardly able to see the keyboard as I type as the tears keep blurring my vision. I am sooooo very happy for you & for all of us as you give everyone hope. Go & see the doom & gloom onco & thumb your nose at him. Now I must hope for as good results from my onco check next week. He wants me to have CT scan on lung to see how that one is going but the others I know are shrinking as I can move freely now. Did you enjoy the naughty night or arn't you telling!! LOve & hugs. Pam

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just great, just great! made my day!

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Hey tiger,
way to go!!!

many prayers of thanksgiving here
luv ya, cher

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PTL!! PTL!! PTL!! I have been thanking GOD for this great news, Tiger! Your sharing in your wonderful results has done us ALL a world of good! Proof that prayer, staying positive (on your part) and good doctors DOES WORK! I am so happy for you! Your elation must be sky high - enjoy life! PTL!! Love, Jody

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Hi Tiger: Vinnie here. Haven't responded to this site for quite awhile, but I had to tell you, you brought tears to my eyes. I've tried to at least continue to read all of the postings, and one thing is for certain, your positive attitude has always come thru. For the few of us that are still going thru chemo, your results make me stronger by knowing there's a light at the end of this tunnel. God bless us all, vinnie

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Hi Tiger, We have all being anxious with you, even those of us who have not posted before. I have beamed the light!!

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your news is wonderful, god bless, donna

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Hi Tiger. I was just re-reading a lot of old posts here. I know I emailed you directly about your test results, but I wanted to add my name to your list of responses here on the site. I was thinking..Look how many of us have formed a strong personal attachment to you!!! We cry with you, we laugh with you, sometimes we gripe a little with you, and best of all we pray with you and for you. Love, Nancy

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