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Worrying about absentees

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Tiger & I have been talking about how much we worry when we don't get posts from some regulars for a while. To us this site has assumed a lot of importance & we feel like you are all family. So we both think it would be great if when you are going to be away for a time you could post a message to that effect so us old worriers don't worry. If you are off line unexpectedly how about getting a friend/family memeber to post us some news. Anyone agree or are we just being silly. Hope everyone is super well. Love & hugs. Pam

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That is a great idea. I will remember to do that, even though I am new! :)

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yes, it is a good idea. i will make a point of showing a family member how to get here, so they can leave a post if i get hospitalized. the other possibility, of course, is to let a couple people know, by private email, your ph no, so at least someone can make a call. i will do that, too. love susan

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I haven't posted many messages but I've been reading posts since Sept. and truely feel a part of this family. I think notifying everyone re. an absence is a great idea. Cathy

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Pam and Tiger. I can't speak for anyone else, but I personally think that that is a great idea! It feels so good knowing that someone cares so much. Please note, I may not respond to something everyday on this site, but I do visit it. I agree, this is my new extended family. You ladies are more than just friends. So, as we are all still here on earth, I guess we could be called "earth angels", but I really like the idea of extended family. Okay, I'm rambling on and on and on, just like the pink bunny. Jane

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The suggestion is a great one. I nominate you two as our network "facilitators". We could send you our email addresses and phone numbers.
Jackie did mention she had an internet connection problem in her last posting on 12/15. My concern is that if someone has really bad news to report they wouldn't post at all. Margaret

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