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how long til surger?

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Hi everyone! Thanks for all of the support and have sure felt better since reading the posts. I have a question that maybe my oncologist answered but I was still to numb to have taken everything in initially. I have had one round of cytoxan and adriamycin chemo and another scheduled for Jan. 25th. My Dr. said 2 chemo treatments and then surgery. How long after the 2nd chemo until I would usually have my mastectomy? Thanks to all! Suzanne

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Suzanne = I had my masectomy before my chemo treatments. I had 4 treatments of Adriamycin and Cytoxan. I hope you are making out after the treatments. My first and last were the worst - and now looking back I call them "tolerable". My biggest problem was the nausea feeling and constipation - and losing my hair. But, now that it is coming back in - I am feeling better. My prayers are with you.

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suzanne, maybe this will help. I had partial mastectomy then four rounds of AC, last to come Jan 22. In the meantime path review found another site of cancer, so I have to have a full mastectomy after the chemo is done. my oncos advised that would not do surgery till at least one month after last chemo. i see the surgeon monday, who will advise me about op, but i reckon she will not even set the date until she knows for sure that the last chemo has taken place. i then have to have radiation, which oncos said will start 4 to 6 weeks after operation. hope that helps. love susan

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