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hospitalizations due to chemo

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I am currently on taxotere in the adjuvant setting. I have been hospitalized twice once for neutropenic fever and pnemonia, and recently for a rare complications: nectrotizing enterocolitis. I need to hear from others who have been hospitalized during chemo. It is discouraging to suffer such setbacks, and consequently I have developed a fear of these drugs which I know can heal me.

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Hi. My name is Jane. I am 62 years old. I was first diagnosed in March 1999. I had mastectomy, chemo with CAF and then Taxotere and finally radiation. I am cancer-free 22 months out from diagnosis. While I was on chemo I was hospitalized three times. The first time was for chest pains which was a side effect of the Neupogen. The second time was for a suspected neutropenic fever, but never proved out. The third time was for "profound neutropenia, cholecystitis with cholelithiasis, oral thrush and cellulitis of the foot". That was the worst hospitalization of all, nine days and that was after the first dose of Taxotere. I had my gallbladder removed that time, and my onco gave me a Medrol DosePak to take after the Taxotere to help with the side effects of it. It helped tremendously. You might want to discuss that with your doctor. Unfortunately, hospitalizations seem to go along with the treatment. Some of the ladies have no problems or side effects and others of us have a lot of them. Some of the hospitalizations are just precautionary and it is much better to be hospitalized than to stay at home and become very sick. Just hang in there, think positive thoughts, and you are almost finished with your chemo. You will survive. After all, you are WOMAN. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me on this board or by e-mail. Good luck. Jane

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