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Small Cell lung cancer

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Hi Everybody:

I'm new to this group so I hope I am doing this right. I was diagnosed with small cell right lung cancer in October.
The MRI and bone scan were negative that the cells had spread so it is believed it is contained in my lung.
I had two sessions of chemo (three days each session) and now I am in radiation. I have 17 radiation treatments thus far and
expect to have around 35. The last week of radiation I will have another chemo treatment.

I guess the odds with this small cell are not real good - I'm looking for survivors. I am determined to beat this thing and to live each day to its fullest
(with God's help). But, I still get scared. Has anyone undergone the same thing?

Love to hear from you.

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Hi. I read your message about having small cell lung cancer. My dad was diagnosed also (in October) with small cell of the lung. However, his had also spread to his liver. He has undergone 3 rounds of chemo. (3 days a weeks every 3 weeks) He takes carbo platinum and V-16 on first day. He takes just the v-16 on day 2 & 3. Three weeks after his first round they did a chest x-ray. NO TUMOR SHOWED UP!!!!! YEA! The tumor was originally about 3cm big. (about the size of a quarter.) He had another chest x-ray last week. STILL NO TUMOR! We are so excited! We don't know about the liver yet. He will have a scan next month. Anyway...just wanted to wish you luck and tell you that our Doctors say that small cell re-acts very well to chemo.
Wishing you lots of luck! Please let me know how you are! You are welcome to email me.

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Marcy, Just read your message from January. HOw is your Dad doing now? My husband also has extensive SCLC, and undergoing the same regimen. He's responding well, but feels weak and depressed.
Ann & Joe

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Hello! I am new to this site and saw your message. My Mom was just diagnosed with limited small-cell lung cancer, on 3/8/01. She has undergone one series (7 days) of chemo (Cisplatin & VP16) and has had 9 radiation treatments. We are on break now, and will have more tests in about a week. The tumor has shrunk considerably--we know because she can breathe. We found out she had cancer when we had to call the ambulance--she couldn't breathe. She had been going to doctors for 6 months and been told that she had a cold, bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma. Crazy stuff. I'd like to hear how you are doing with your treatments as you've been at this longer. I'll be praying for you. My Mom and our family are standing on these two verses from the Bible: Psalm 103 and 2 Corinthians 1:18-20. Jesus can heal you, and He can heal my Mom. Stay positive, and trust Him! He's with you all the time. Please be praying for my Mom too, her name is Deborah. Thank you, and hope to hear from you soon.

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My mom has had this kind of cancer for the last two years, has gone through chemo, radiation, and PCI. All the treatments have
kept it pretty localized, and is greatly reducing it .We are hoping/praying for remission soon. Keep yourself surrounded with loving supportive friends and family, try to keep a positive attitude, and get as much information as you can. Remember, odds are just statistics, there's every chance that YOU will be in the group that beats it. Keep fighting,and stay strong!

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I am 59 and was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer
in 11/00. I received 6 cycles of chemo (cartoplatin &
VP-16) and 30 rounds of radiation to the spot in my
lung. I went into remission for about 1 year. A new
spot appeared in the other lung (much, much smaller)
in January of 2002. I am going thru the same
chemo (cycles are every 3-4 weeks). My tumor was stable until now, which the c-scan shows the tumor grew about 1/2". The cancer is not anywhere else in my body. Thank you God. I
have seen Doctors Chicago (where I am) in North Carolina (Duke University)and Las Vegas (SW Cancer Center). They all agreed on
my past treatment. One Dr. does not agree
with my Dr. on taking my chemo one day by IV and 2 days with pills. I need to research this more.
Monday 1/27/03 I will have my #7 chemo. (Last round was 6). I will be on drug Taxol. The Dr. says it is less likely I will get nauseated but my leg/arm muscel will be more sore.
I would like to hear from someone with similar experiences. Thank You...Stay positive and you will stay healthy.

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