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Hi everyone. It's Pam here. I wrote to Tony our webmaster about how unwieldy this discussion forum is getting with the massive increase in posts & postees. He has written back to advise me that a new design is currently being tested & should be up & running by end of the month. It will be a lot more user friendly and navigable so soon it will be even easier for us all to talk to each other. Still no news from Jacki or Pat? Also has anyone heard from Catherine from Taiwan recently I am getting worried about her too. Lovely to read all your posts lately. Love & hugs to all.

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Hi Pam, glad to hear this site is going to be a little saner in the near future. I heard from Catherine about a week ago, she is doing pretty good, her tumours are shrinking nicely, the only one that is being stubborn is the one on her lung, but she seems positive and happy. Still no news on Pat or Jackie, frustrating as hell is'nt it?
Hugs from Tiger.xo

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Hi there. I e-mailed Catherine & she replied right back. I am so relieved she is doing so much better. She was really down there for a while. We must encourage her to post more often as her story is an inspiration to many others with the fight she is putting up. I know I realised how lucky I was after reading her story (and yours & Pat's). By the way. Vikings for Super Bowl you think!!!! Will be watching the divisional champs with interest on Monday our time (Sunday yours). Love & hugs. Pam

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Hi all especially you Pam,
It will be good to have a less unwieldy version of this, each time I get on I spend
far more time scrolling through the posts that actually reading or writing.

Want to let every one know that chemo 1 plus 4 days I am feeling fine (actually
glad to be off the Zofran because I always felt full in my tummy on it, but it certainly
does its stuff well). A little tired but that is because I have had to keep fighting the mining
company to bring me water, they promised it again yesterdaay and still the boys who drive
the water truck didn't show up. I am going to a public park about 15 miles away where one of
my friends is the manager to shower later today. It would be so nice to have a whower
in my own bathroom. But at least I have her park to use.
My hair will break off from stiffness before it falls out.

I made a great sleep helmet to wear to keep my head warm post fallout. I found a sweater
at the thrift shop that is angora and very soft and that someone had washied and probably
thrown in the drier. very felted ,just like make on purpose felt but soft as baby skin,
I cut off one sleeve so that it curves over my ears and the nape area then up around my
eyebrows, made a little ribbon and a rose of the pieces i had cut off the sleeve and it
is really cute...Probably non-survivors would think it wierd, but it'll be warm on zero nights
(and I mean 0 fahrenheit not C)

Just one day of super exhaustion so far, today I feel fine. However I am on an antibiotic
because my newly inserted mediport got all swollen and hot yesterday. So I have to
take them and see the surgeon on Tuesday. (that's my blood check day so had to go in then

Prayers for you all, you all inspire me so much. luv yah, cher

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Posts: 407
Joined: Sep 2000

Dear Cher. I must admit the picture you painted of your helmet got me roaring with laughter. Why not take a picture & post if on your website. So glad all has gone well & that you are tolerating the chemo well. Will keep praying for you that it continues. At least it's winter where you are so you won't have a perspiration problem with that lack of water. You could always go out & roll in the snow like the Norwegians do after a sauna. Love & hugs. Pam

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Hi Pam,
good to hear from you.
I love the rolling in the snow idea. i was invited to participate in a sweat lodge
last weekend but I thought it might not be a good idea since I forgot to check such things with my
onco. But then I could have rolled in the snow.
Now it would be rolling in the mud...we are having our usual mid-winter
rainy thaw which always raises the creeks.
I am collecting rain water for doing stuff while we do the replumbing.
I simply cannot believe how good I feel.

I also have noticed the unwieldy loading times. It works much better to go back to the last time it loaded
but from a long thread of messages it isn't always possible.
My computer isn't as new as Ellen's but is a reasonably fast one with massive
amounts of video memory for relloading, and reaally this site is the only
thing which takes long to load.
Hopefully the new design will help.
However I think it is important to have the old .messages accessible for those who
haven't been here before who are researching a particular topic.
(However I found many helpful things in the most unlikely places.
hugs to all and my continued prayers for all of you,

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