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Board redesign, from tony

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We are in the final stages of testing several changes which will make the site better, including a
redesign of the board structure and appearance. Bear with us, all should be finished this month.
We will notify everyone when the new look is up. Thanks for your feedback. Tony

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Hi Sue

Have you been writing to Tony too about how awkward this forum is getting to navigate? He gave me the same information & I posted a general message to everyone a few hours ago re the new design coming up. It should make life a lot easier. What did we do before we found each other I wonder as this site is now an important part of my life. Love & hugs to you. Pam

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Hey girls,
this is such good news. I was going to write tony today to ask for a chance
to help redesign this. But considering my post-first-chemo laziness I
fell I should just keep on being a little lazy.

I know what you mean, and I keep sending more people to us, at least
encouraging them to check in and see if it helps. reallygrumpy lady
at the radiologists yesterday who has mets on lungs, after clots in lungs
from tamoxifen they think, butshe said she had checked it out and we were
all to cheerful for her.

Its too bad we can't all sit around with frowny faces and let the disease
blow us away. cheerful battling is more my style and the way i see most of you as going .

Oh we all have our whiney days...like today when I am whining about
some surgical clips that are still in my big incisions that nobody bothered
to tell me about, and now they are healed into my flesh quite nicely.

One more mountain to cross.

Can't wait to see the redesign.
love to all, cher

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