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hepatic artery infusion

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my sis/breast cancer/mascetomy/april99/chemo/metasized to liver/now hepatic artery infusion/need info/heard it hurts something awful/scared!

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Is it you who are scared or your sister?
Some times I have found that my family are more frightened about what is happening to me
than I am. Our Creator seems to give me the strength to deal with what ever comes?
Please keep writing what ever you do because all of us here have found that there is strength to
be gained by writing and listening to each other. Besides we pray for everyone we encounter.
For their strengthening, for their pain, for their peace in that abiding love, for their healing.
Someone out there may have had the prodedure.
Maybe check with the liver cancer site. Since I am only four weeks yesterday past a bilateral
masectomy with much lymph node and underarm tissue involved, they are still looking for other
locations. I have a mediport installed on Monday and begin my chemo on Tuesday.
I will keep both of you in my prayers.

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dear cher: thanks for the reply. i am the sister who is worried. My Sis,age54,been on chemo(s) since 7/99.she dont want to know NOTHING. i search for info for me & mom to gain knowledge as to what happens to her & so we wont be shocked. thanks for letting me know of support out there. email me at: norma43@gte.net i live in florida.
Hepatic Artery Infusion is sm port inserted into tissue in abdomin area. drugs then used with easy access. chemo(s) not working anymore.

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Hi there, I also have breast mets to the liver, but what the heck is a hepatic artery infusion? I never heard of it? Give us more information and we may be able to better help you understand and your sister. We may not be able to give all the medical answers you are looking for, but we can give a whole lot of love and support and laughter.
Reply soon.
Hugs from Tiger.

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to tiger: hepatic artery infusion is inserted thru abdominal incision.pump is placed into tissue with access to outside by a sm port. drugs can be given this way. chemo's NOT working anymore for my sis. cancer spreading in liver. thanks for your reply. norma43@gte.net (Florida)

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on 1/26/01 approx 6:30pm my sister Mary passed away. I am at a loss for words. Norma

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I am truly sorry to hear about your sister. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. love, Maggie

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My heart goes out to you & your family at the thought of your loss. Despite all our positive thinking and prayers there are some God chooses to take from us but he has a purpose & may the thought of her pain free existence now comfort you. May your family be strong together & support each other at this time. Despite Mary's passing please use this site for ongoing support whenever you need it. We will be here for you. Love from Pam

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Dear Norma,
No words can express what we all feel in the loss of your sister. May you forever cherish the good
memories you have of her. Find peace in knowing she is in a world where cancer no longer exists
with a new body free from pain. In His care, Margaret

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