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First time

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Hi all,

I signed up with this group because I found out that my father in law has been diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer. I do not know the exact name just yet. However, I have not found much information about liver cancer (i.e. is it survivable, etc). If anyone knows any resources that can help, please let me know.

I wish you all success in battling this disease.

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Have you yet found out what kind of "rare form" of cancer this is? I had a "rare form" and learned it was survivable. I went to my local medical library to research the subject. It was very overwhelming at first since there is a lot of literature about the subject in general. So it is important that the doctors give you the terminology and information you need to learn more about it. Have them write it down. See if they already have literature citations they can give you. Remember the doctors are working for you, I know it can be intimidating. Sorry I did not read this earlier.

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What rare form did you have and where are you at with it now? If I remember correctly, the cancer was called Hepto something--apparently the doctors thought is would spread fast. However, it has been just about five months since it was discovered and he started chemo. He does not show any signs of the disease and is still active. Part of him (that I admire) is his attitude throughout this whole thing. I have been searching like crazy and talking with folks about it. I did discover that others have lived quite a long time with proper treatment and that is our and the doctors goal. Thanks for the information.

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Is your father in law doing okay? I have almost the same situation going on with my dad.

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