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chemo not working

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Does anyone have any suggestions when the chemo doesn't work to shrink the tumors.
My mother has been sent home by the doctor as her tumors have increased instead of
decreased. Also, she's in quite a bit of pain.


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My husband's primary site was lung (adenocarcinoma), with mets to the liver (multiple tumors). He is Stage 4 and is participating in the Iressa clinical trial. He started today. Iressa (ZD 1839) from Astra Zeneca pharmaceutical is supposed to stop the tumors from growing by cutting off blood supply from the way I understand it. The clinical trial is designed for Stage 4 NSCLC. This might be something to check into. Can find out more by checking out CancerNet.com.

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my prayers are with you and your family.
i went to cancernet.com and it wont open. maybe i am doing something wrong.

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Try this:


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Hello, I just read your response from Jan. 2001 about your husband's treatment for lung cancer that spread to his liver. My family is looking into treatment options (Iressa) for my mother who was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2002. Recent scans show some spots on her liver. Please let me know how the Iressa worked for your husband. I pray that it improved his condition and will help my mother's should she decide to try it.--Thank you.

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my sister's chemo is not working anymore either. shes been on dif chemos since '99/breast cancer spread to liver. doc referred her to doc who does Hepatic Infusion. Sm incision in abdomin area, inject ??drug?? which reaches liver to kill tumors. she aint had it done yet cuz plate-lets wont come-up yet. we live in St Petersburg FL. i can get U doc's name & #.

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Would you please get me the name of the doc in Fl that does the Heptic infusion. My father in law has been diagnosed with liver cancer and we are looking at all options. Thanks

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