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As it is now 2001 here in NZ (10.20 am) I thought I'd take this chance to say a very happy & healthy new year to everyone wherever in the world you are. You have all become such important people to me that I can't think of anyone I'd rather make this wish for. Keep positive everyone & keep sharing. I love you all.
Love & hugs

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Hi Pam,
Happy new year to you too. We still have a few hours to go, but are pretty much snowed in

I have a cold so we are staying in anyhow.

take care.


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Happy New Year to you all, hey Pam, where is that warm weather I asked you for? We had snow here in Northern Ontario again and It is freezing outside. We are staying home tonight where it is warm and safe, too many idio drivers out there!!!!
Tons of love and Hugs to you all, Tigerxoxo

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Yes, and a Happy New Year from western Canada, too! I guess i was the last to bring in the new year. slept through it anyway! 2001 is going to be a great year. And that's an order! Much love to you all, Susan

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I, too, would like to wish every one of you my friends and Happy & Healthy New Year. Also, I say "Good Ridance 2000" and hope and pray that 2001 is a positive year for all of us. May the Good Lord bless you all.
Love, Lucy

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Happy 2001 to EVERYONE!

I am still pretty new here, but am encouraged by the support and love I see all of you have for one another and realize I came to the right place! I wish the very best of health and life for all of you for this coming year. Good riddance to 2000!! ~Jody

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Pam - I'm new to this forum and really enjoyed reading your upbeat messages. I joined the ranks last January with a stage 3A breast cancer. I had the chemo and radiation after surgery and now I'm on Tomoxifen. I tell people you don't survive cancer - you survive cancer treatments. My 1 year checkup is Jan 22. Thanks again for the upbeat messages.


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Posts: 407
Joined: Sep 2000

Hi Deb

Welcome to the gang. Hope you get as much out of the forum as I do. We all seem to be so close to each other that although I have never met any of you I count you all as my closest friends. If you need any advice Deb just post a question. You'll get more answers than you can deal with.Let's just hope all the new treatments I keep reading about (like vaccines tailored to individual cancers) come about in time to help us to avoid the worst of the cancer treatments around now. Keep posting. Love & hugs. Pam

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