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new member of the breast cancer club

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I have not had any contact with support groups yet, but have had a lot of confussion lately and could use some guidance or discussion about this situation I have been thrown in to. I am 34, diagnosed with stage II breast cancer, near the end of my chemo and heading into radiation and scared about the hormone therapy they are recommending and really bummed that I also lost my job while on chemo and lost my dad to cancer this year as well, all I do is cry and do not see an end at the moment although I know all things happen for a reason and good things will happen soon,..... I am just very distraught at the moment and would really appreciate talking to others about life in the cancer realm.

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Hi Beth ~~ We have all been in your shoes with those feelings! Hang in there! I am 33 and was diagnosed almost one year ago. Underwent a mastectomy and A/C treatment. That is good news that you are almost finished with chemo. Think of the radiation as one more way to combat this disease! I did not have radiation, but at times wish I did as that would have been one more thing I had done to fight this demon. I started on Tamoxifen in June, and have had no noticable side effects from it, other than a shorter period. (That is a good side effect!) One thing that is really difficult for me is the fact that we're relatively young. Knowing we have to live with this for the rest of our lives is scary at times. But that's why this discussion group is so beneficial. Everyone here knows exactly what you are going through and can offer support. Keep your chin up. :-) ~~ Jody

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Hi Beth, Tiger here, I too am only 31, I was diagnosed last year with stage IV met breast in the liver. I had a mastectomy and have just finally finished my last dose of chemo, I will find out in Jan if the tumours on my liver have shrunk. But no matter what happens I will fight this in my own way, with stubborness and determination not to let it run my life. I talk to my body at night in bed, I close my eyes and visualize my blood cells and I tell them to go to my liver and beat the hell out of the cancer while I am sleeping, and in the morning I tell them they can rest so they can fight again that night. Try reading the book" Chicken soup for the surviving soul" It is inspiring stories of true survivors. Dont let your body run you, you run your body and tell it what to do. It is very depressing at first, I cried all the time, but then realized being weak minded was not going to help, so I summoned up my old pig-headednesss and now I live my life like I want to,cancer be damned!!!!! I have to be ok, my family needs me, my husband cant run a house!!!! Good God, chaos reigns!!!! Take care, keep your chin up and we are here 24/7.
Love and hugs from Tiger. xoxo

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Beth. welcome. i am nowhere near your age,but i think we can all relate to how yu are feeling. cancer, especially breast cancer, is becoming more and more a chronic disease, rather than a fatal disease. you are going to learn early what so many of us found out much later, that life is for living, enjoying, loving. you are going to have a wisdom beyond your years. dry your tears. take a big breath. and decide to enjoy every bit of your life. you may get hit by a bus much sooner than any cancer will get you! love susan

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Dear Beth
Hi & Welcome. I too was only 35 whrn first diagnosed. Now I am 54 so survival is possible. I am now in recurrance with metastases all over but I am beating it again. I am on Tamoxifen - which you will probably be put on - and the side effects for me are a repeat of menopause (hot flashes, itching etc.) A small price to pay for something that will save my life and it's working as the tumors are shrinking already only 4 months after diagnosis of recurrance. So you see it is scary but possible to live with this even when you are young when you start. You will get heaps of support here and advice & love & prayers. Just let it all out. It would be amazing if no one on this site has not already been through what you are going through & they will have the answer you need. Prayers, love & hugs to you.

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Hello. I am Jane. I live in Texas. I am 62. In March 1999 I was diagnosed with stage 3-A infiltrating ductal cell carcinoma. I had a modified radical mastectomy followed by 4 cycles of CAF and 4 cycles of Taxotere. I then underwent 6 weeks of radiation. I am now cancer free. It is hard to go through, but remember, you are not alone. You have all of the wonderful ladies on this site behind you, with you, crying with you and for you, praying with you and for you and also laughing with you, but never at you. You can tell us anything. We will listen, we will offer advice, but we will never judge. Welcome to our site. It will be okay. Jane

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Welcome to this very informative website and everyone here will help you in any way that they possibly can. Do not get down in the dumps over all of this because the Good Lord will watch over you and help you. We never gives us anymore than we can handle --he just wants to make us stronger. Don't be scared of the hormone therapy which will probably be tamoxifen. I was diagnosed with BC in May which was Stage 2 to 3 and had a masectomy. I also had the AC treatments and started on the tamoxifen in October. I have had no side effects other than the hot flashes. But they are not as bad now as they were in the beginning. I had my three month check-up the day after Christmas and everything is looking good for me. Please don't let anything get you down. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad also. And, I know that can be hard at a time like this, but remember he would want you to be strong and fight this battle. Losing your job also can be hard --but remember you are a fighter --hang in there.
In Christian Love, Lucy

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