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fantastic idea!!

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Hello my wonderful group of lifesaving ladies!! I hope this finds you all in good spirits!!Has anyone heard from Pat yet? I am getting a little concerned. I had my LAST Taxol yesterday, yeehaa!! Right now iam just a bit shakey and my face is brighter than a Hawaiin sunset!! I was thinking that instead of waiting ten years to meet, that next fall we should all go to Newzealand to visit Pam. Frankly this - 40 in Northern Ontario really bites, and some sunshine would be wonderful!! So lets start saving those pennies and see what we can do!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and lets fight the good fight!!!!
love from Tiger.xoxox

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great idea. i have always wanted to go to new zealand. i was invited to go with a friend in jan, before all this happened, but just felt i couldnt afford it. if i can do it financially next year, i will. susan

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Hi Gang
Pam Here. Truly a fantastic idea!! I have 2 spare bedrooms so could manage 4 of you. Seriously if anyone of you out there needs a break & does want to see our beautiful country you are welcome to base yourself with us.We live in Auckland (biggest city but small compared to some of yours) We are always having guests from overseas staying.

My onco has just given me a ray of hope. We were planning a trip to UK & Canada next year before the cancer came back. I thought that was all off but I am responding so well to treatment that after my next CT's & bone scan in February he thinks he will be able to give me the go ahead!( Yeeha to use Tiger's words). We are planning to go to UK to visit friends & family (I was born in London) and then to visit some cousins in Hamilton, Ontario on the way back. Any of you who live in Toronto or Hamilton area I would love to drop in & say hi.

I realy mean it about having visitors by the way. We love them & we are very proud of our beautiful little spot in the South Pacific. Today (Christmas Eve here) is sunny & warm (25 degrees Centigrade) but rain predicted for Christmas Day so the beach might be off. Love & Merry Christmas & a HEALTHY New Year to you all my friends from around the world. Love & hugs Pam.
PS I ahve written to Pat but no reply so far. I am very worried about her!!

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