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Check up results

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Had my monthly check up last night after x-rays & blood tests. Good news!! Some of the smaller mets in my legs & ribs have gone (or are so small they are not registering on x-rays).The big ones in my pelvis & spine are shrinking too. Hooray for Tamoxifen. Lung tumor is still a problem. Has shrunk a little but not as much as he had hoped. I have to have more CT's in February. White count is back to normal (I took bovine colostrum to help that)so all is positive for Christmas and the new year. As it is summer here I have 3 weeks holiday (wonderful) and don't return to work until 15 January.
I wish for all that you may all have some cheer over the Christmas period. For those in the northern hemisphere I hope it doesn't get too cold. It is very hot here already (not complaining - just mentioning it) & Christmas on the beach is looking a strong possibility. Love & hugs to all my friends who have been so supportive to me since I found you all. Pam (New Zealand).

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Pam, that is wonderful news, you see there is a light at the end of the tunnel,all it takes is some time to reach it, but my God arent the rewards sweet?!!!!Keep up the good work and a Very Merry Christmas to you,ps. You can have some of our snow if you like, you know, just to make it look festive!!!!!
Love and Hugs from Tigerxoxoxox

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Pam - So very glad to hear your good news about your check-up - our prayers do become answered. Also happy to hear that the tamoxifen is working for you. Enjoy your time off - and relax in the sunshine for all of us people that live in the northern states. We had 4 inches of beautiful white snow yesterday - but today it is already turning black and ugly. I am heading south the middle of next month for 2-1/2 months - and can't wait for some warm weather. I really mind it this year - more than ever. In Christian Love, Lucy

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Hey Pam! That is wonderful news, isn't God wonderful!!!! I will continue to remember you, as all the ladies in my special prayers each night. Just lay back and try to relax while you are off. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. love, Maggie

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Hi Pam, What a wonderful early Christmas gift you have received. I know your heart is full and happy for this Christmas holiday. I pray that 2001 will bring even more good news for you. You know GOD has said if three or more gather in his name, prayers are answered. HE does hear us and we are many, praying for one another. Enjoy your warm and sunny Christmas day. I am in the midwest and it is very cold and still snow on the ground, just melting enough to track it in the house and make a big mess. Your sunny beach sounds very desireable. Ask your Dr. about exposure to the sun now that you have had chemo, Pam. I have been told that sunscreen is a MUST for the rest of our lives. Love to you, Nancy

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Hi Pa, and all of you out there,
I have yet to hear any of you in the US say you have used bovine colostrum.
Is is available here?

I am so glad you are doing better, Pam.

My cancer has been there for as long probably as your intermission between
with the doctors saying well there are more cystic areas but none of them seem
serious. If any begin hurting again let us know and we'll drain them. See you next

When the malignancies finally acquired some calcium to show up on the mammo
they were at least stage 3-b, maybe stage 4. I don't have my other scans done
yet. They are the day after Christmas.

Your response encourages me.

I will keep you in my prayers, celebrating for your good reports, and praying
for your continued success.


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Dear Cher

Thanks for message. I use bovine colostrum on a dialy basis. When my white cell count dropped dramatically after radiation it bought it back up very quickly. I used to work for a herbal company here in New Zealand & they sell New Life brand colostrum. It is made from NZ colostrum but is manufactured in US. The company name is Symbiotics and it is sold worldwide.They have a website. I am a strong believer in natural help as well as conventioal medicine & I take selenium on a daily basis too as they have found cancer sufferers are nearly always low in selenium. Not sure wether this is why I have had success in fighting BC so far but I'm a fighter & I'm giving it everything to survive. I've managed 20 years so far. How long since you were first diagnosed? My mets are stage 3b-4 but shrinking fast now - except the lung one which is being obstinate but I'll get it yet. Now the day after Christmas here so hope you had a good one. Love & hugs

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Hi again,
Thanks for the info. The food co-op where my daughter-in-law works has the colostrum
and she is getting some for me as soon as she gets back. She and my oldest son spent
the Christmas holiday with us.

I am pretty much the local herb lady here. I buy from an organic supplier what I can't grow,
repackage, work up or manufacture special items as needed.

Several of my friends also grow, and in another year or two we hope to supply each others
needs here without outside supplies.

But obviously the colostrum falls outside our expertise.

Thanks for the tip about selenium.

My mammogram which was declared inconclusive (wwhat a repulsive word)
was taken on 10/31/00,
On Nov. 8, I got a letter telling me this, I called and was given an appointment for
ultrasound on 11/10, where an extremely grim faced radiologist told me I needed
needle biopsies as quickly as they could schedule them. Done 11/14.
I got verbal diagnosis on Nov. 14, was referred to surgeon and chemo oncologist
on 11/14; saw the family doctor on 11/21 for a look at written path report.
Saw surgeon on 12/04, bilateral modified radical masectomies on 12/08.

Home from overnight in hospital on 12/09, saw chemo dr. on 12/15 where we
review the surgery path report together.

He ordered port implant, heart motion scan, and ultrasound of liver and total bone scan.

I have had them all but the implant (last two earlier today (12/26) and the implant is\only held
up because I had to fire the surgeon who refused to do it on the basis of the facts
that I rarely shave my underarms and she thought I was letting bacteria into the
incision(no infection yet, a few minor rejection spots around the stitches) and I had good
veins so I didn't need it.

That is it to date. I see the new surgeon on 12/27.
My bone scan technician today gave me a minor clue when she said see you next time.

I am doing very well. When chemo starts 1/9 we'll see how it goes but I plan to cope with whatever comes.
My original question about healing was more how long will the incision take to heal and when
can I get this girdle of blanket stitches out. I fell like a set of poorly done buttonholes.
Hugs and prayers,

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