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Hi everyone! You must all be like me, busy with things for Christmas. And that is good, for us all! I am not doing much in the way of preparations, but the little I am doing seems to take all my energy. I can't believe how much better I am on chemo this time. No sore mouth, no shaking. Now i did such a dumb little thing. Cut my finger few days ago, and didnt take enough care of it - old habits die hard! Now it seems to be a bit infected. Not very smart of me. I got over-confident, I guess. Will soak it in antiseptic today. I even managed to go to our staff Christmas party on Saturday evening, and it was wonderful. I just have three staff, but with their spouses it made for a very cosy, and enjoyable evening. We laughed a lot. I owe my staff so much at the moment. Can't seem to figure out how to thank them enough. Have a great Christmas season everyone. Love Susan

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