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Hi gang. I'm back!

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Hi bosom buddies. Long time no type. Just wanted to let you all know I'm doing much better. I was only hospitalized from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, when I got home our internet service was down (for several days. And we can't do much but wait, since we get it for free thru my husband's work). Otherwise I would have written much sooner. Amazingly, my ANC (absolute neutrophil count) went from "0" to "1125" from Friday to Sunday. I wasn't really feeling sick, just a little run down (story of all our lives!). But when my Dr. found out my white count was so low, I didn't have much choice. The worst part was that I developed 2 horrible mouth sores. The one on my tongue was the size of a dime and 1/4 inch deep. It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced! I lived on soup, mashed potatoes, pudding, and ice cream for 4 days. And amazingly, by Friday, Dec. 15, the sores are 80% healed. Thanks for all your prayers! I cherish them, as well as your friendship. I convinced my Dr. to postpone my next (7th) chemo until Thurs. Dec. 28, so my body has time to rebound, and I can enjoy the holiday. Tonight is my daughter Jenna's (age 13) Christmas band concert. It will be my first time out in the world in 2 weeks. Yippee!! I go for genetic counseling and testing Dec. 19. Wish me luck. Keep in touch everyone! And as Tiny Tim once said, "God Bless Us, Everyone!"

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Hi Jackie, You just made this a brighter day.....Welcome back.....We have all been so worried about you. Sorry you have to go through so much but am very happy you are on the mend!! You are a very big part of our little family here. Love, nancy

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jackie! so good to see yu. no, i sent the moth sores to yu. got sick of them and passed them on! i've decided not to have any more! my 2nd AC going better. doc reduced anti sick stuff. have had to put up with a little quasiness, but mouth much better. it drove me beserk. it is so good to see yu home. I am completely bald now! the novelty has worn off!. worst thing is keeping body temp right. hot cold, i get exhausted putting clothes on and off. it is snowing here in bc canada. very pretty. i have my sister coming from england dec 26, then my daughter from ontario Jan 3, so i am really looking forward to their visits. yu take care, love susan

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Jackie, boy you gave us a real scare there, but I am happy and relieved that you are home safe and healthy once again. Now we just have to concentrate on getting Pat Sharkey better. Our prayers worked for you, so they will work for her too. Have you tried Bovine Colostrum? It works to build the immune system up, I take it about three days after my chemo, up until three days before my next one. It's cheap and natural, worth a try.
Glad you're home!!!
Love and hugs from Tiger.xoxox

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Dear Jackie
I saw your post & it bought a big smile to my face. I have been so worried about you & Pat Sharkey. Still haven't heard from her but I'm still praying hard. Just think it's another hurdle (mountain?) successfully climbed. I go for testing next week to see how I am responding + x-rays to measure the lung tumor. Always a nail biting time but I am feeling much stronger so I think the results will be good. "I am woman hear me roar" just about sums us all up.
Way to go Jackie.
Love & hugs. Pam

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Welcome back and boy did you scare us all by not posting sooner. The increased white count and the healing of your mouth sores came from all of us on CSN praying for you. Hope your next treatment is not so traumatic. Margaret

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Welcome back, Jackie. We truly missed you and were quite concerned when we didn't hear from you. Glad to know it was just internet problems. I hope you enjoyed your concert, aren't they just super? I have been going to my grandchildren's concerts and they haven't changed a bit since my children's. But they do pull a heartstring. I am so glad you are all better. It's the power of prayer and numbers! Jane

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