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I found a lump

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Hey ladies, this is Maggie. I ask that each of you pray for me. I found a small lump on the edge of my left breast. My husband seems to think it might be scar tissue or the edge of my implant (I have had reconst. surgery) It doesn't feel like the lump I found when it was cancer, but they all are different. I am schedule to go to my onologist on Dec. 20 for a check-up. I hope you all are doing ok. Take care, Maggie

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maggie: time for some rational thinking! your husband is probably right. that is easy for me to say, i know. but i know when my daughter was diagnosed with MS at first we thought every little thing was related to the MS, when of course, it wasnt. i know it will be hard for yu this next few days. the waiting has to be the very worst, doesn't it. come to the site lots, leave lotsa messages, get lots of replies. that is a positive thing yu can do, to help yu feel better. ah but then, when yu tell us it was nothing, yu be embarrassed? who cares? i certainly dont, and nor does anyone else at this site. that is what is so wonderful about all the people here, isnt it? love susan

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Hi Maggie
It's hard I know when you second guess every twinge, itch or pain. Cancer does that to you. I had been doing it when first diagnosed but gradually stopped attributing everything to a return. When it did return I was truly surprised. Just lately I thought I had developed a stomach tumor (along wiht all the other mets I have) but it turned out to be just reflux - I didn't feel a fool & neither did my onco make me feel like one. He demands honesty from me as I do from him.

SO I will pray that your lump is not a recurrance and tell you to stop worrying ( fat chance I know). We have all experienced this fear & to talk about is good. Let us know the result ASAP.
Love & hugs

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Hi Maggie, You bet you are in all of our prayers! Lets pray your husband is right. All the best on the 20th. Murphy

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Hi Maggie. It's Jackie. I'm so sorry to hear about the new stress in your life. I will pray that the Lord will shower you with that peace that passes all understanding. He continues to hold you in His loving hands. And His plan for your life is perfect. Keep in touch! Jackie

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