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Employer not understanding

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Hi all - has anyone out there had a problem with your bosses - I had to leave my job cos of the stress - she totally stressed me about coming in 1/2 hour late because of radiation treatment - and she is the head of Human Resources!! I feel like writing a letter to the President of the firm or suing or something. Has anyone else had an experience like this

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that amazes me too, that your personnel person would be so power mad. for that , i am sure, is her problem. some people so inscure they cannot resist all afforts at control. it is her problem, but it is causingyu a problem, and i would not let that go unrecorded. perhaps yu could write a memo, about the effect she has had on you, and ask that it be copied into your file. talk only of the effect on you. make no crticism of her. but most of all, make sure i your own mind that it is important enough for yu to do something abt it. at the very least, record the events for yourself, so that there is something in writing if she every makes an issue of it. i hope this is of some help. i am emplyer many yrs, so i see it from this side, too. regards, susan

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