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Must read this!!!!

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Hey there ladies, how are you all doing this fine weekend? I have a cold in my chest and have been coughing so hard that I have a headache. Why cant women hock up phlegm like men do? Oh well,tomorrow is another day. The reason I am writing is that on the news last night and in yesterdays paper there is an article on flaxseed.
They are now claiming that eating 2 tblspoons of milled or ground flaxseed has shown to reduce tumours in women with breast cancer by about 60%. Of course anyone in the health food industry already knew that,but now that medical drs. are saying it everyone is going crazy buying the stuff. Myself included!!!! Apparently you can put it in food,or just eat it plain. I am going to give it a try, it is all natural so what harm can it do? here are a few different exerpts from the newspaper. "researchers found there was a slowing down in tumours growth,in cancer patients fed flaxseed muffins. Our results are very exciting because this is the first time anyone has demostrated these changes in breast cancer with any dietary component."
"Earlier animal studies have shown that flaxseed has anti-cancer properties,but the researchers were surprised by how potent the effect appears to be in people"
"it was noted that more studies are needed to determine flaxseeds true effectiveness"
Well, I hope that gives you some fuel for fight ladies. Have a great weekend.
Love and hugs from Tiger.xo

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Dear Tiger

Just one word of warning over flax seed. It does also contain a natural form of estrogen which the body uses so might not be the best for those who are on Tamoxifen etc for hormone + tumors. The same applies to soy which is also a natural cancer fighter. Got this information from my naturopath and several websites.
Love & hugs. Pam

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Pam, thanks for the word of warning, it did not say anything to that effect in the article. I cannot remember if i am estrogen - or +, so I am going to call my onco and see if it is ok to take. In theory it seems like a great plan though.
Hugs from Tiger.

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Hey Tiger. Just thought I'd let you know I started taking these oil capsules back in August when I first started chemo. They are a mixture of flaxseed oil, pumpkin oil, borage oil, and Vitamin E. After just 3 months, all the lumpiness in my breasts (due to fibrocystic breast disease) is gone. And my skin has never been so soft and smooth! (Do I sound like a commercial, or what?) But seriously, these capsules contain the omega 3 and omega 6 EFA's (essential fatty acids), which are now touted as one thing most of us lack in our diets (and can't produce on our own). So I highly endorse flaxseed oil. I like these capsules cause you don't have to taste the oil, and because they have a special blend of several beneficial oils. I order them from Texas. They are part of a 3 part program that also includes a mineral complex capsule and an herbal tonic (similar to Essiac, if any one is familiar with that). I've decided not to take the herbal tonic until I finish chemo, since it contains some powerful herbs that could interfere with the chemo drugs. But I take both the oil and mineral capsules daily. So Long! Jackie

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You mentioned in yourpost that you ordered the capsules from a Texas company... would you mind sharing the address ?

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