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Prayer Alert

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Hi gang. It's Jackie. I just wanted to let you sisters know that I have to be admitted to the hospital this evening (Friday). My white blood cell count has been dropping steadily all week, and today my absolute neutrophil count is "0". Zip. Nada. Which means I have the infection-fighting power of a wet noodle. (I'm trying to hold on to my sense of humor). I also have a 100.2 temp. So back I go into reverse isolation and several days of IV antibiotics. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper when I heard this, but I guess it's for my own protection. I would greatly appreciate your prayers, for me as well as my husband Rob and kids, Matt and Jenna. I'm hoping to be home Monday. I'm going to Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. I'll check back with you all when I return. Jackie

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Jackie, Tiger here, you let us know the second you get out of the hospital!!I know for my part you will be in my thoughts and my prayers, just take heart, you are in a positive frame of mind,just think of this as a nice little break,relax and let the nurses pamper you,and before you know it you will be doing the same for someone else real soon.
Fight the good fight and get better soon.
All my love and hugs are with you.

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Jackie. Nancy here, and you and your family will be in my prayers. You are getting good care and this is caught quickly. I think this white count drops fast but also seems to recover fast. So the antibiotics will keep you safe until your count comes back up. As Tiger told you, just sleep and eat and let the nurses pamper you for a few days. My lowest count has been the .08 but I have never run a fever yet. Post as soon as you get back home so we will all know you are back with your family. My prayers will continue, you are on my everynight prayer list all ready and have been for some time. Love to you, Nancy

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Jackie, Susan here. Thinking of you. Very much. See you when you get home. Susan

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Jackie, of course you and your family are in my prayers, every day and every night. May God touch you over this latest hurdle. I'm there with you kiddo, every step of the way. Jane

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Hi Jackie
I'm sorry to hear your going thru this again but you couldn't be in a better place. At least you'll get the rest and care that you need now, so you'll get stronger quicker. I'm sure when your home, there's always lots of stuff to do and you never get the rest that you really need. So get stronger my friend, and come home soon to those kiddies. Will all be praying very hard for your quick recovery. Your friend, vinnie

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Dear Jackie

Sorry to hear of your low (nil)count. Prayers are of course comng your way plus many positive thoughts. On a more mundane level have you tried bovine colostrum to beef (ha ha) up your immune system. It brought my white count up very fast (nowhere near as low as yours though - you win!!)and it is natural & has no known reaction with regular drugs. Try it when you come home. And as all the other replies have said. Enjoy being pampered a bit and keep on fighting.

Love & hugs

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Hey Jackie! I hope this finds you out of the hospital and doing better. I didn't read the post all weekend, but you all are always on my prayer list. I will say a special prayer for you and your family tonight. Take care and May God Bless you. Maggie

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