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What is normal

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A couple of messages to the group lately have posed the question "will I ever be able to forget this experience " or "will life ever be normal.

I don't think that after a brush with cancer life can ever be normal. For better or worse cancer has changed us all. Leaving aside survival rates I think it has changed us all for the better. We have all discovered something on our journey. For some it has been reserves within ourselves we did not know we had & for some it has bought a new faith in a higher power or a strengthening of an existing faith. For all of us on this network it has bought new friends who truly understand us. So in many ways our cancer has been a blessing & I count meeting all of you as one of the best. Thank you all

Love & hugs

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Hi Pam. Ditto to your message. I too believe that we are all changed, in most ways for the better, as a result of cancer. How many people come to the full realization of how strong (physically, emotionallly, spiritually) they truly are? A year ago I never would have believed I was strong enough to see this type of grueling treatment thru. And how many people get to experience the humbling power of so many friends, family, even total strangers we don't even know , who lift us up in prayer every day? I think it would be great if everyone could experience all these "mixed blessings" that happen to us as a result of cancer. It's just a shame you have to be diagnosed with cancer to experience them!Jackie

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