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An invitation

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I would like to extend an invitation to those of you who might be interested in playing cards at Yahoo Games. I thoroughly enjoy myself playing crib, euchre and hearts with people from all over the world. And i chat to them as we play, so we could chat too. I play, usually, as fiveacres at all sorts of times, including the middle of the night when my mouth is so sore i can't sleep. Further to this, if you have Yahoo messenger - it take 2 mins to download it from the yahoo site - you can instant message me by calling sueholm_99. I f you think you would like it, i could add you to my friend list, and you me, and then we would know when each other was on line - if you have messenger running. I met a lady with breast cancer playing hearts. she has me on her list and vice versa, and i chat with her every day or two. also another young woman from NY state keeps in touch this way too. I will teach anyone the games, if they wish, though i am no expert! hoping to hear from you. love susan

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