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Re; I am new here

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I have recently joined and would like to correspond with anyone with breast cancer. I had my cancer back to front ie secondary found in right femor first and a year later 1999 found a lump in right breast.

I have had radiotherapy and chemotherapy which finished in February this year. I believe in being very positive, laugh a lot and enjoy life to the full.

best wishes

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Welcome Lynne. You have come to the right place. We are a group of ladies (I use that term loosely) who are a lot of fun, very informed and intelligent, and willing to take on the world in order to find a cure for this plague. If there is any way any of us can help you, please post a question. Read our stories. In return, we will turn to you for answers also. I wish I had found this group when I was going through my chemo and radiation, it would have helped me with so many questions I never found answers to at that particular time. We share everything! Again, welcome! Jane

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Hello Lynne: I was going to say Good to See You, and in a sense it is! I have just been hanging around this joint for oh, how time gets distorted when you're having chemo, a liitle while, since i was diagnosed with breast cancer mid October. For me, it is great to see comments like yours, at a time when i wonder if life can ever just be simple again. I am currently on chemo, and, if you read my posts, you will know I am one of those who goes up and down like a yo-yo. Fortunately i have found some like-minded souls in these parts! I would be interested to know where yu are. For myself, I am in British Columbia, Canada. I hope i will see you here again. You will enjoy this site. I know it. love susan

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me too,and am i a mess. i think i`m finding my way thru this. the ladies here have been great. if you`re having a problem,somebody else here has had it,too.
when i first started here, the first thing i noticed was that there is always somebody in worse shape than you and the same with somebody better. just ask. we are all in this together. cj

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